Sony Will Reportedly Give Olympus $646 Million for a Stake in the Company

As Olympus attempts to regain its footing after the devastating financial scandal that rocked it this past year, rumors are swirling that Sony might play knight in shining armor in the saga by swooping in with financial assistance. Reuters reports that a cash for stake agreement might happen before the end of this month:

Sony Corp is in the final stages of talks to invest 50 billion yen ($646 million) in cash-strapped Olympus Corp, with an agreement expected by the end of September, state broadcaster NHK reported.

Sources familiar with the matter have told Reuters that Olympus is in talks with Sony to accept a cash injection in return for a stake.

Olympus is staying mum about these rumors. Murmurings of this potential deal first emerged back in June, when we reported that it would be worth more than 10% of Olympus. Other companies that were rumored to be interested in similar deals included Fujifilm and medical device maker Terumo.

Update: As part of the impending deal, Sony and Olympus will reportedly cooperate in promoting and developing digital camera gear. Interesting…

Image credit: Trying some new stuff by joshduffyphoto

  • Ryan Troop

    I don’t know much about Olympus. I understand their cameras are great. Sony, in my opinion, delivers a wonderful camera, that is a fantastic tool for making beautiful images.

    Combining two technologies that are part of a niche market, and pushing to make themselves different than the others by utilizing technologies that were either abandoned or not available by other companies, will only serve both companies well, and provide even more uniqueness to the wonderful cameras both companies already produce.

    Sony is moving down their own path in digital imaging, and how they envision the future of Professional Imaging. Personally, whatever more Sony can do to differentiate themselves from what already exists the better. I am quite happy with Sony taking a high-tech route to something that is, in the scheme of technology, getting a bit old and repetitive rehashes of the same thing with a new price tag.

  • ghene

    if only sony can take off that ugly pellicle….. =( bad bad pellicle mirror

  • Old Pirate

    This is more about Olympus surviving than Sony getting a stake. If true, it is probably the first step in a takeover.

  • SonyHater