Google Glass Camera Glasses Used by Runway Models as a Fashion Accessory

If Google’s vision of the future of photography comes to pass, we’ll soon find ourselves in a world in which camera glasses are worn around as an everyday fashion accessory. Perhaps in an effort to make this idea easier to stomach, Google partnered up with luxury fashion company Diane von F├╝rstenberg (DVF) today for the label’s Spring 2013 fashion show, equipping people on and around the runway with its high-tech glasses. Glass wearers included runway models, Google founder Sergey Brin, and designer Diane von Furstenberg herself.

Want to check out the point-of-view photos captured by Glass wearers? You can find a bunch of them over on Google+. Just search for the hashtag “#DVFthroughGlass“.

On September 13th, DVF will also be uploading a video compilation of Glass footage on its official YouTube page.

Judging from the sample photographs we’ve seen from Glass goggles so far, people who do buy into the idea early will be doing so for convenience and novelty rather than photo quality. The big question is whether the general public will be willing to integrate a pair of futuristic camera glasses into their daily outfits and go about their everyday lives looking like a cyborg. If the answer is yes, take a close look at these photos — you’re staring at the future.

(via PurseBlog)

Image credits: Photographs by PurseBlog and used with permission

  • 11

    I don’t understand what they are trying to prove here.. these models can wear anything (or not wear anything) and still look good. what does that have to do with me?

  • Kevin Hickey

    And they all look equally idiotic

  • brob

    this is all leading down a frightening path for society

  • Jackson Cheese

    Agreed. I’m at a point now where I see some new technology and just shake my head and wonder why.

  • Ralph Hightower

    We are the Borg! You will be assimilated!

  • jdm8

    I think it’s fair to say that they really haven’t shown vision behind Glass in the DVF video. Their main point here is probably to try to make it seem fashionable.

    I don’t agree with your suggestion that the idea is to only have them on as needed. Women might carry a purse around, but men generally don’t carry any kind of bag or briefcase. These things don’t look like something rugged enough to put in a pants pocket, and not all shirts have pockets, so with the lack of pockets, it’s a choice of on all the time or not take it with you.

  • blah

    And westerners just continue to look uglier and more idiotic…

  • Bat God

    Shoving them on runway models isn’t going to make them look any less ridiculous.