World-Class Photojournalists Share Their Thoughts on the Impact of Instagram

Love it or hate it, you have to admit that Instagram is making a huge impact on the world of photography, changing the way images are snapped and shared. Among the 80+ million users who have shared 4+ billion photos are many of the world’s most renowned photojournalists. Olivier Laurent over at the British Journal of Photography recently chatted with some of them, asking them about their thoughts on how Instagram is transforming photography as we know it:

Speaking with these photographers, it quickly becomes apparent that Instagram, more than any other social network in past years, has allowed them to form a deeper connection with the general public. For John Stanmeyer, another VII photographer that uses Instagram, it’s all about “communication, communication, communication,” he tells BJP. “In the decades – let’s hope far less – to come, the entire discussion of whether to use this thing called social media will be a moot – archaic – point of view, no different than it was centuries ago when previous commonly used means of information distribution where invented and debated – ‘Should I write on papyrus leaf or this new fangled material called paper, or a typewriter instead of block-type printing presses, etc.'”

[…] “We are no longer looking at content creation as the only means of income and creative expression,” say Peveto and Slaby. “How content is displayed and distributed are critical in reaching broader audiences, finding more creative ways to engage that audience and in inviting them to participate in the process.” And Instagram, they say, help them achieve these goals. “It helps us connect with our audience organically and offers different options for sharing such as creating parallel narratives with larger projects, sharing behind-the-scenes experiences, opening a dialogue with our audience, and cross-platform geo-tagging and mapping integration.”

The New Economics of Photojournalism: The rise of Instagram [BJP]

  • Tom Bryan

    I love what Instagram has done for the transparency and shareability of photos, i think it’s fantastic. For some reason everything else about it rubs me the wrong way.

  • gabe sturdevant

    I totally agree. What I did was edited photos the way I want, then upload to instagram. It makes images that are what I want, not the vintage stuff it has, but gives the exposure that really cant be matched (for the price)

  • Igor Ken

    I love how totally unrelated the Hipstamatic picture are

  • Tim

    If i was a pro, i’d use instagram to grab behind-the-scenes and setup shots. And even casual portraits. An iphone is much less conspicuous than a DSLR in that sense.

    It’s just a bit of a shame that it’s dominated by attention seekers taking filtered photos of cats!

  • Albi Kl

    I hadn’t noticed before reading your comment. I wonder how many others totally missed it.