Portraits of 100 People Ages 1 Through 100 Shown in 150 Seconds

How do you capture 5050 years of life in a single 150 second video? By capturing portraits of 100 people representing ages 1 through 100.

In October 2011, Dutch filmmaker Jeroen Wolf began roaming the streets of Amsterdam with a Panasonic GH2, asking strangers if he could film them stating their ages. Wolf’s goal was to collect 100 people with every single age between 1 and 100.

He writes,

At first my collection grew fast but slowed down when it got down to the very young and very old. The young because of sensivity around filming or photographing children and the very old because they don’t get out of the house much. I found my very old ‘models’ in care homes and it was a privilege to document these — often vulnerable — people for this project. I had particular problems finding a 99 year-old. (Apparently 100 year-olds enjoy notoriety, but a 99 year-old is a rare species…) And when I finally did find one, she refused to state her age. She simply denied being 99 years old!

Four months after he began his project, Wolf captured his final portrait and created the beautiful video seen above. Altogether, the 100 people in the video have seen 5050 years of life.

The project reminds us a lot of Belgian photographer Edouard Janssens’s 1 to 100 Years Project, which used photography rather than video.

  • Samcornwell

    This is one of those things that we’ve all thought about doing, but never been bothered to actually do because it really does seem like too much like hard work.

  • patrickem

    By the looks of it Dutch people really start to age hard around 30.

  • Guest

    BBC did something similar on one of their since shows about the human body. Showed a “line of life” from new-borne to aged 100. Been wondering about that cinematography for some time now…

  • Richard Favinger Jr

    BBC did something similar once on one of their science shows about the human body showing a “line of life” of people from newborn to age 100… Been wondering about that cinematography for some time now…

  • Rodrigo Ambrosio Flores

    White skin tends to deteriorate faster than darker skin.

  • James Donahue


  • Roo Part

    How does the author managed to get so many people that look so friendly? Man, I want to go and live there until I am 100.

  • theadamsegal

    Scary how the men drop off when you get to the 90s

  • Peter

    I hope this idea is not copywrited – I really want to do this too!!

  • JP Zajackowski

    What amazed me is how people age at different speeds. In some parts it looked as though the ages skipped forward a few years, then farther back a few, then back to expected.

  • Steven Alan

    You can do anything you want…

  • Pratik Naik

    Unless you’re Samsung

  • vale1005

    Loved it!

  • Tom Roes

    True. That woman at 31!