IKEA Slowly Shedding Photography in Favor of Computer Renders

Of the two images above, one of them is a computer render and one of them is an actual photograph. Can you tell which is which? If you can’t, why should IKEA?

The Wall Street Journal reports that IKEA is slowly moving away from using photography in its catalogs in favor of CGI for its online and print publications.

12% of the company’s images this year were created by a graphic artist rather than a photographer, and next year that figure is expected to grow to 25%. No, it’s not that the company’s 208 million catalogs look better with computer fabrications — they’re simply cheaper and easier to produce.

Using CGI instead of photos offers some attractive benefits. Instead of creating and discarding entire living spaces for photo shoots, graphic designers can simply whip one together on a screen. Instead of replacing entire sets of furniture to change the color, they can use a few simple clicks and keystrokes.

It’s all part of the Swedish furniture giant’s overarching plan of cutting costs and increasing productivity.

The company first began experimenting with CGI back in 2005, after three computer graphic interns succeeded in recreating the image of an IKEA chair digitally (the image was later included in that year’s catalog to test its believability). Fast forward seven years, and the company is now retraining photographers in its massive 285-man, 94,000-sq-ft photo studio to work with computer rendering.

Check out the story over at the Wall Street Journal for an interesting quiz that tests whether you can recognize renders from photos. As for the two images at the top of this post, the top one is the render. Could you tell?

  • Jesse Hildebrand

    Honestly… I couldn’t tell by looking for artifacts or inconsistencies, the only reason I chose the bottom as real is because it’s got a more natural, cluttered, comfortable kitchen look, while the top looks more like a staged scene in a video game or movie. It looks real, but staged… it’s missing all those tiny little details that make a space look lived in, rather than being a set. But wow… I’m sure at higher resolutions it would be easier to tell the fake, but at catalog resolution it’s just fine.

    That said… I feel bad for product photographers. That was one area that still remains pretty stable in the photography world because there’s still a LOT of technical expertise, especially when it comes to lighting things like glass or reflective surfaces that made it hard for the amateurs and uncle-Bob-with-a-DSLR to invade.

    Oh well… it’s still going to take expertise in lighting, we’ll just have to learn how to use software instead of a camera to capture the scene.

  • OSAM

    Easy to tell. I’ve been out of the 3D world for a while, but that was a no-brainer.

  • Jesse Hildebrand

    The more I stare at it, you’re right, the more it’s obvious which is the fake… but I guess the only thing that matters is: Would it fool you for the 3-4 seconds you look at it in a catalog, without knowing you could be looking at a render?

  • Tanja Schulte

    i have done architectural renderings for some time.
    a good vray rendering will be seen by the majority as a real photo.

    so if it´s cheaper for ikea why not? it´s not as if the ikea photographs are art.

  • Tobias Weisserth

    Of course the messy image with the food is the photograph.The CGI is pretty good, but compared to the photograph you can still easily tell by the way the light falls and looking at the objects and their arrangement.

  • Goaway tanja

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  • Das Boot

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  • Tanja Daspannja

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  • Michael Zhang

    Hey guys, we removed a few comments here. Please refrain from personal attacks and insults. Debating is okay, but please don’t let the commenting section turn into a fight. Thanks :D

  • Cats

    Photographing a kitchen costs a lot because, well, you have to set up a kitchen on purpose!

    As for photographing a chair or couch… please. It takes about 5 minutes plus a few more in post-production and looks amazing.

    For products, keep the 3D for prototypes and tell the consumer they are looking at a prototype.

    If not, there is the risk that the consumer will buy something, find out it isn’t what they looked at in the first place, and make you lose much more money than you “saved” by 3Ding the item instead of photographing it.

  • Cats

    P.S., I’m not saying “don’t use 3D”… for kitchens it’s great help because of the cost and time involved in making them from scratch.

    Also, 3D is great for adding decoration to other photoshoots.

    It’s all a matter of balance. My main point is “don’t fool the consumer” as in SHOW THEM what they are going to buy, or risk losing money with lost sales.

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  • Brian Muntz

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  • Pot Kettleblack

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  • Samuel

    I think its pretty clear to most people who have worked with 3D before, however this is on a screen would it be quite so obvious on a non backlit page? I’m not sure. I think at least they should have to mark the 3D images to warn people

  • Too Lazytospell

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  • brob

    the shadows in the top one appear to be just too crisp, but the average consumer won’t see that

  • Mike Sweeney

    This is a classic case of the 80/20 rule. You get 80% there, it will work fine because only 20% of the population will work out it’s fake. And even then, most wont care.

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  • William Palank

    “Instead of replacing entire sets of furniture to change the color, they can use a few simple clicks and keystrokes.”
    Can be done by even the most rudimentary users of Photoshop in seconds.