Free Photoshop Filters That Resemble the Look of Instagram Photos

Want to mimic the look of Instagram’s filters using Photoshop? We’re happy to announce that we have a set of Photoshop files that allow you to do just that.

Designed exclusively for PetaPixel by Eric Öhman of Skellefteå, Sweden, the pack comes with 20 filters that imitate the look of the popular mobile photo sharing app.

Let’s get started!

Download the Files

Click here to download the 16MB zip file. Open it up, and you’ll find 20 .psd files, along with a folder of curves for most of the filters:

Using the Curve Presets

Some of the filters can be applied as simple curve presets (others require some additional layers). To use a curve preset, open up your image, open the curves adjustment panel, click the button next to the preset dropdown menu, select “Load Preset…”, and find the desired preset in the pack you downloaded.

Using the .psd Files

The more complicated filters are recreated using .psd files. Open up one of these files, and you’ll see a number of adjustment layers and a base layer named “REPLACE_THIS_PHOTO”.

The adjustment layers are the ones that do the magic. To apply the filter to any photo, simply resize that photo to 612x612px, and then paste it over the “REPLACE_THIS_PHOTO” sample image.

We might add additional filters in the future, and if we do we’ll simply update the download file in this post to include them.

Have fun playing around with these free filters!

Download the Filters for Photoshop [MediaFire]

Update: We’ve added 12 more filters to the pack. It now contains 20 filters instead of 8!

Update: The filters have been taken offline for some reason…

Disclaimer: These actions are not in any way affiliated to Instagram

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    Stop the madness.

  • Eric

    Curves presets can obviously be used with whatever resolution. It’s just the filters with some dirt textures that looks best at 612×612. Curves works in all Adobe apps like After Effects, Premiere

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    No thanks, I’m not interested in making photos look crappy.

  • Will

    Wouldn’t it be easier to do this with PS actions as opposed to having files? Maybe I’m missing something, though.

  • Eric

    I never use actions except for batch converting/saving. If you make actions with this pack I’m sure petapixel would be interested to include that in the pack.

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    I don’t think this works with CS6 :(

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    14+8=20 filters? :)

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    Fantastic. Thank you!

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    such an easy way to make photos look nicer! but isn’t there a way to save the curves directly at the curves adjustment panel? ’cause it’s i little boring to load each one every time I open photoshop…

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    I’ve been looking for this! thanks:) does it work on GIMP?

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    The file has been removed :(

  • perkabrod

    there is a default folder on your hard drive where photoshop looks. On mac I think it is:
    “/Users/yourUsername/Library/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop/Presets/Curves”

    If you click on the symbol where you load presets and instead choose “Save Curves Preset” you’ll probably land in the directory where Photoshop wants you to copy all the presets for fast access.

  • chiefdolo

    Hey Melina – looks like the files are no longer available from mediafire. Would you mind emailing me them? chiefdolo at gmail dot com

  • chiefdolo

    Hey perkabrod – can you email me the files? They’re no longer available for download. chiefdolo at gmail dot com. Appreciate it. thanks!

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    Hey Jenny ;ooks like the files are no longer available from mediafire. Would you mind emailing me them? chiefdolo at gmail dot com

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    Is there an updated link to download the presets?

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    the file has been removed :(

  • kim

    the file has been removed :(

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    So is there ever going to be a mirror download for these, or are they forever lost to the internet?

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    Files Download link has been removed, can you upload it again?

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    Did anyone get a live link to download?

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    thanks, that’s very nice~

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    not sure why people thinks this makes photos look NICER, maybe a crappy photo to give it some edginess but Nicer is a misnomer. A nice photograph is a skill by manual means direct to film from lens. That is true skill but it seems people forget how pictures were made – sure there was always options to process and refine but that whole skillset is gone too. Silver prints made in the middle of nowhere in a tent anyone? I even see talented artists using instagram constantly. That annoys me but a neat tool to have to impress the easily impressionable. – I enjoy addons to photoshop and since i will never own a cell phone or ipad/phone I appreciate the work that went into offering this set. thanks alot!

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    that seems logical to me – as that’s all Instaghamm is , filters automated by ascript action.

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    thanks!!! This is Great!

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    please make a way to have these presets downloadable again! ive waited for all these all my life! ;( please!

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    hi michael, is there any way we can download the whole 2o filters? the working link contains only 6 filters. please! thanks!

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    Please provide the link for the whole 20 filters! Great job!

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    Please, the “new” file is not the original one?!.. It doesn’t contain the original files entitled 1 – 20.psd…. I downloaded the old file once, bur lost it and i really loved it, can you please upload it again??? Please?

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    But most importantly, the curves folder!!!

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    Hi, in the links I’ve found here there are just 8 filters instead of 20. can someone give me a link where to download all of them (20), please?

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