Austria’s Largest Paper Runs ‘Shopped Photo of Syria

Photoshopped photo in Austrian newspaper Krone

Photographs of of Syria these days are filled with grim sights of pain and suffering. One Austrian newspaper apparently decided that the photos weren’t grim enough. Kronen Zeitung, Austria’s largest newspaper boasting ~3 million readers, published a photo this past weekend (top) showing a couple stepping through the rubble of a destroyed building complex with their child wrapped in a blanket. A powerful image… but completely fabricated. The original photo (bottom) published by the European Pressphoto Agency two days earlier shows a completely different scene.

(via Gianluca Wallisch via Foto Actualidad)

Image credits: Photographs by Gianluca Wallisch and the EPA

  • Sum_it

    outch. that’s gonna leave a mark….

  • brob

    they thought they’d get away with this? wow.

  • Rainer

    well, this paper publishes crap all the time, and it is still bought. I mean they are selling about 1 million per day (!!!) in a country with just 8 million people.

  • rtfe

    Winston is hard at work, big brother.

  • Samuel

    The worst part is that they have done such a bad composite job

  • 9inchnail

    They will get away with this. How many of the readers will see the original image? 5% of them? Most people are not sceptical when it comes to media reports. It’s in the papers, it’s gotta be true. Most people are sheep.
    Newspapers should be forced to publish the original photos as soon as it’s discovered that they faked them. But let’s face it, they just support the government’s agenda. Rally people against Assad. The euro is going down the toilet, the American economy is weak, we have to conquer the middle east before we can’t pay for our oil any more. Iran is next on the list.

  • steve

    NO!! Definately not correct…news needs to be reported in a factual way..the paper should be boycotted for this! If this happens in the media…how are we to decide what is real and what is not…shame, shame, shame on you!

  • somone

    images of real stories should not be altered in anyway, you have to report reality and what’s real.

  • closeupman

    News is NEVER objective. Imagine how a news story published byt a newspaper in Palestine about a settlement is reported, compared to the same news story in an Israeli newspaper. There’s always a bias. Just like Fox News will report a story differently than CNN.