Magical Photos of a Person Playing with the Moon

Astrophotographer Laurent Laveder has a delightful series of photographs titled Moon Games that feature creative photographs shot as the moon hangs low over a hill. Laveder’s subjects play with the moon as if it’s a glowing sphere here on Earth. In one shot it’s a reading lamp, and in another it’s a framed art piece waiting to be hung. The photos are sure to make you want to find your own hill so you can play with the moon yourself!

Lavender’s work is also available in book and poster form.

Moon Games [Laurent Laveder]

Image credits: Photographs by Laurent Laveder and used with permission

  • kk

    Is that the sun?

  • Nicholas Crawford

    See: name of blog post.

  • Laurent Laveder

    Hi kk, no, it’s the overexposed Moon which looks like the Sun

  • DOB

    kk, when you want to give the figure in the foreground enough exposure to show some detail, especially at night, you have to use a slower shutter speed.
    By doing that, it overexposes anything lighter in the background.

  • Fawn

    These are amazing!!

  • Ian Wisbey

    Ever heard of flash?

  • C Gabriel

    Great shoots… Talk about been creative!!!!!!