Lettuce-Defiling Burger King Employee Located Using EXIF Data, Fired

This past Monday, someone posted a photo to imageboard 4chan showing a Burger King employee stomping on two tubs of lettuce. The caption read “This is the lettuce you eat at Burger King.” Other tech-savvy vigilante users immediately pounced on the case in hopes of identifying the poster. Unfortunately for the lettuce defiler, the photograph was taken with geotagging enabled, allowing the EXIF data to be used to zero in on the precise restaurant where the image was created: 1475 Worton Boulevard, Mayfield Heights, OH.

Local newspaper Cleveland Scene then picked up the story and contacted the branch. Burger King soon released an official statement and announced that three employees (perhaps the stomper, picture-taker, and manager?) have been fired.

(via Gawker)

  • branden rio

    “Photographing Our Crime Spree Was The Best Idea Ever!”

  • David Rychart

    haha, nice Simpsons reference!

  • James Riley

    Anyone stupid enough to do this, stupid enough to post a photo of it, and stupid enough to think it’s funny is far, far too stupid to realize that EXIF data could find him (her?) out. Good on Burger King for swiftly taking out the perpetrator and the other 2 dip$hit$.

  • Meji Alabi

    I love when they catch people using Exif Data

  • Mansgame

    Something similar happened on reddit’s /r/gonewild section where some guy had posted nude pictures of his girlfriend sleeping. Usually people there use Imgur which strips the EXIF info, but this guy used somewhere else and gave every person on the planet the exact location of his girlfriend’s townhome to go with the naked pictures of her.

  • Greg Heller

    They need to be arrested also, if it wasn’t for them being so dumb they probably would have served that to someone. Bunch of dip-wads.

  • 9inchnail

    This happens all the time, especially on 4chan. If there is a chance to ruin someone’s life, they take it. This time they deserved it though.

  • rtfe

    what else goes on in those cruddy joints that isn’t photographed?

  • Pain Reaper

    I hope the cunts responcible is sent to jail and forced to eat from the toilet floor!

  • Pain Reaper

    That’s just such a shitty thing to do to someone..

  • Kiefer Printy

    hey has anyone yelled at them i live in ohio, and i will. fuge it, im going in