Stunning Photo of a Kiss Over Lava in the Rain

Photographer Dallas Nagata White shot this ridiculously awesome photograph while visiting a Kilauea lava flow in Hawaii. She writes,

My husband and I, along with a tour guide and a group of friends, hiked up to what was formerly the Royal Gardens subdivision above Kalapana, Hawaii, where the last standing house was just recently taken over by the active lava flow. While waiting for the rain to pass, we started taking back-lit portraits of each other in front of the lava flow after I set up my camera on the tripod. For the last photo, my husband spontaneously dipped me in a kiss. It was a truly once-in-a-lifetime moment!

Check out a larger version here. She has some more info about the making of here.

Image credit: Photograph by Dallas Nagata White and used with permission

  • Jay

    That photo is just sick! Awesome…

  • Bas ter Beek

    Wow. Never had an image stunned me like that before…!

  • Steven Alan

    This is quite amazing!

  • ledzee


  • Not being a jerk

    I’m not into it. Not trying to be contrary to popular opinion. I think the woman’s pose is really awkward, and the flash is so overbearing that it takes away from the lava.

  • Brian RaƱez

    is the flow of the lava going on your direction?

  • pryere


  • Icuasur

    Remarkable! Once in a Lifetime Shot

  • gavin stokes

    Looks like something from a superhero movie…stunning

  • iamwhite

    Yes, it is, but very, very slowly. :)

  • Paul Hassing

    That sure is one out of the box! I’ve Pinned it. I’ve retweeted it. I’ve sent it to my wife. Many thanks for creating such a corker! Best regards, P. :)

  • John Kroetch

    Dynamic & Stunning. Well done. Love the story on how it was made on Google+ (two friends helped)

  • Anth B H

    first of all , that recently hardened lava would melt your shoes , secondly the ambient temperature of the lava would of melted your skin , thirdly the rain would evaporate before it got that close to the lava , and if it did, why is there no steam forming ? BORE OFF , did you gor for a quick dip in the lava after your dirty dancing routine at 10000 degrees? cause i certainly hope so

  • Anth B H

    absolute dog toss

  • Angela B.

    Dude, I’ve walked right up to lava like this more times than I can count, thousands of people do it every year here on the Big Island. The lava they’re standing on is years old, and the molten lava has cooled down quite a bit since it came out of the vent… heating the air enough to be uncomfortable but not lethal. Come visit and try it yourself! Kick it with your boot, poke it with a stick… it’s fun!