Internet Asks New Yahoo CEO Very Nicely to “Please Make Flickr Awesome Again”

Of the 5 people to take over the job of Yahoo! CEO over the last 5 years, Marissa Mayer is making the biggest splash. Maybe it’s because she’s six months pregnant and firing up the “working moms” debate, maybe it’s because she’s worth an approximate $300 million, or maybe it’s because she was Google’s 20th employee who’s been doing great work over there since 1999. From a photography perspective, however, the Dear Marissa Mayer movement isn’t hurting either.

The movement, campaign, hashtag-spree (whatever you wanna call it) is at its core a chance for the entire internet to ask Marissa Mayer to pretty please fix this, that or the other about Yahoo!. And one of the requests that has gotten the most leverage, in fact the request attached to the dear Marissa Mayer website, is that she please “make Flickr awesome again.”

The request, which is mirrored and expanded in a very impressive open letter by photographer Thomas Hawk, has already been tweeted over 16-thousand times and liked on Facebook over 7-thousand times — there’s no doubt about it, people want to see Flickr restored to its glory days.

Just about everybody in the photographic community loves, or at some point loved, Flickr; we’re no exception to that rule and we don’t think you are either. So go lend your voice to the fray, let Marissa Mayer know that “make Flickr awesome again” should be on the top of her sizable Yahoo! to-do list. Maybe that way Yahoo! will be able to keep this CEO, and the steady improvements Flickr has been making over the last year will lead all the way to a total restoration… and beyond.

Dear Marissa Mayer (via Reddit)

Image credit: Marissa Mayer by JD Lasica/

  • TylerIngram

    Wish Flickr never left the Vancouver area ;) Anywho.. hopefully they look at Flickr and make it better. I still like it, but they really need to rethink how Explored photos are calculated. I am surprised every day at the photos that are Explored.

  • Tam Nguyen Photography

    500px or GTFO.

  • Andrew

    Flickr is fine. Please leave it the hell alone. It’s a breath of fresh air next to Instaspam.

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    If Google bought Flickr I might think of using it again – Yahoo is terrible, terrible, terrible.

  • Mansgame

    Flickr looks like a ugly site from 2006 and screams of myspace with all the little flashing “awards” and spam.

  • Jim


  • branden rio

    I wish they would just disable photos being posted in comments on other photos. I’ve never seen a good use for that. On the forums, it makes sense. But not on the photo pages themselves.

  • Jeff Briggs

    I enjoy getting feedback on my photos and sharing on Flickr but I have
    to weed through meaningless awards where the person doesn’t even
    comment. I know this is group dependent, but it has become the majority. I think with Instagram being for the point n shoot style
    community on the go they should focus Flickr more towards photographers somewhat like
    500px. Also finding a better way to have communities within groups like mini forums would be nice. It is a feature that is available but seems very old in the way it is presented.

    Flickr has an aged interface sort of like Myspace. I think for us Flickr Pro members, we should get some better stuff than just stats, more group adds and so on. I am happy to have a Flickr account but with so many people going with Flickr pro, I am just failing to see where that money is being invested back into the site.

  • qwerty

    stop adding your photos to those groups and the problem will be fixed

  • John Stock

    Apples and Oranges. It’s real competition is from companies like 500px.. and it’s fallen WAY behind and looks antique.

  • meligrosa

    as thomas hawk posted recently, she should start by getting an account

  • Strelok

    Woow, Censr ain’t dead yet?
    Anyway – I bet, Mrs. Mayer is Google’s trojan horse at Yahoo in the same way Microsoft’s Stephen Elop is at Nokia.

  • Toan Ngo

    Hell no its not fine. Ux is clunky. Needs a revamp

  • Richard Lurie

    I know I’m commenting on a super old comment here, but I’m curious to know what you think of the Flickr redesign that just happened. I think I may now like it….dare I say….*more* than 500px???