Incredible Instagram Photo of a Storm Over New York City

There’s a crazy storm hovering over New York City, and a few hours ago ex-NFL player Dhani Jones shot this epic Instagram photograph of it from 10,000 on a Delta airlines flight. It’s crazy how the downpour is so concentrated that it looks like a giant tornado tearing through the city.

(via Laughing Squid)

Image credit: Photograph by Dhani Jones

  • Etienne

    That explains why half of the USA is dry by now.

  • da8iwr

    Would be great if it didn’t have some crap instagram filter over it!

  • xyz

    Yet another potentially great photo ruined by instagram.

  • Mike

    I agree, would have been a great shot but it is ruined by the grainy instagram filter.

  • Jeannine Green Brewer

    Epic. Awesome. Instagram. Overused.

  • Sean Murphy

    would be a great image if not for the instagram crap
    but hey, the dumbing down of America continues.

  • Sean Murphy

    and hey petapixel, you should be ashamed of this post!

  • Joey Duncan

    What everybody else said, good timing, bad everything else. Instatrent FAIL.

  • Zachary Larsen

    This guy should really take his film somewhere else. I’d be pissed if my film came back looking like crap! But really, it would have been cool without the Instacrap

  • JP

    Hah, can’t agree more, shot wasted by Instagram… boring.

  • Leslie Vazquez

    That explains why half of the USA is dry by

  • John Milleker

    Really would love to see what the photo really looked like.

  • rtfe

    soon there will be a new app on the market. this app will reverse all instagram filters into the original filterless photograph thereby making instagram photography a once loved/hated cellphone quirk. it will be called; “reverse instagram” (y’know for kids)

  • Clovenguth

    I never knew there was a The Wiz tornado filter for instagram! I want to put this filter on all my NYC shots. Where can I download it?

  • Lee Harris

    The comments on this piece say it all, another potentially informative documentary image reduced to the instagram effect of 30 seconds of ‘ohhhh!’ then forgotten.

  • gavin stokes

    Dont agree, as much as instagram is tiring and overdone,
    it still looks like nice a image to me, nothing amazing but if it was mine Id
    post on my own mobile photo blog. The grain is essentially mimicking what
    faster films did when there was no digital and they where accepted as great images
    and the grain was perceived to be adding atmosphere to the image. I suspect if instagram wasnt mentioned and the border removed there would be a mixed bag of replies.

  • Richard

    I agree. Here on Petapixel it’s hip to be down on Instagram. While I agree that the image “might” look better without that or any filter, the photographer made a choice, just like any photographer and if you don’t like it, that’s fine, but it’s all about personal aesthetics, not some universal “good” in photography.

    By the way, Instagram can save the original shot as well as the filtered shot to one’s photo album, so if the photographer wanted, he could reprocess it.

  • Jake

    I think the problem here is the aesthetically poor taste. The picture would have looked better in a multitude of ways and the grain only obscures the image. It looks to me, though I could be misreading it, that the photographer more or less arbitrarily chose the grainy filter because he thought it looked hip, with little regard to what would make the best picture. Instagram makes it too easy to make poor choices.

  • Richard

    So you know what would make the “best” picture? Best for who?

  • Joe

    Not just potentially great but once-in-a-lifetime!

  • Jake

    Best for me, silly. It’s an opinion I’m voicing here, not gospel truth.

  • Lucci

    for better or for worse this image was on page 3 of the new york post today.

  • Josiah Einwechter

    Incredible shot! I personally think the Instagram filter is quite good and not out of place at all for a gritty storm photo like this.

  • editguy

    Not for nothing…but this was shot from a moving airplane and the photographer probably didn’t have very long to set up the shot and mess around with filters. Better to get the shot than miss it messing with filters and presets. Nice job Dhani!

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