Tourist Snaps Stealthy Engagement Photos, Internet Searching for Couple

Update: According to an article published an hour ago by the Huffington Post, the couple has been found and given their images. Now they’re asking that their privacy be respected so they can plan their nuptials in peace. Thanks for the tip Capri!

While sightseeing in Washington DC, Angila Golik saw a man in military uniform and a woman in a white and black dress standing in the center of the rotunda of the War Memoria. At that moment she somehow just knew that he was about to propose. So when he pulled out a ring and slid it onto her finger she started snapping photos, capturing an intimate engagement that might otherwise exist only in the memory of those present.

Sadly, even though the group she was with cheered for them and she herself yelled out “I have pictures,” the couple was too far away and left not knowing that their special moment had been digitally immortalized. That’s where you, the internet, and the digital age at large come in: Golik has asked for help identifying the mystery couple so that she can send them the pictures of their engagement, giving them something she never had.

She laments that “One thing I don’t have are pictures of my own proposal. I would have loved to have that,” so if you think you know who the couple might be, send Golik an email. And even if you don’t, help spread the word; after all, any one of us shouldn’t be more than six degrees of separation away from the happy couple.

(via PopPhoto)

  • Esrhan

    I’ve never understood this obsession with documenting everything that’s even slightly out of the mundane. This case on the other hand borders voyeurism in my opinion and the moment was for them, not for some tourist. I’d be somewhat uncomfortable with the idea that some stranger decided it was his task to document my very intimate moment. If the groom really wanted photos of that moment, he would have set it up himself with someone he knew.

  • Tim Newsome

    While I sympathize with that viewpoint, I had set up somebody to take pictures of my proposal. But at the crucial moment the flash card filled up. (Poor planning on my part.) I would love it if somebody had been taking pictures of me at that time (Hendry’s Beach, Santa Barbara, 1/10/04).

  • Dazam

    If he expected privacy, maybe he shouldn’t have chosen a tourist landmark in Washington DC for his proposal.

  • Mansgame

    lol maybe one or both of them are still married and haven’t told their sig other about the divorce.

  • Jay Lessard

    Judging by this kiss, she doesn’t seem all that excited.

  • Persio Pucci

    what about if this is something they did not want anybody to know about? What if it was meant to be their secret? Really, this is crossing the line…

  • 9inchnail

    Awww, boohoo. THen they shouldn’t have done it in public.

  • Tiffani Capri Johnson

    If what you said has any validity in regards to the couples personal opinion, then they shouldn’t plan private “intimate moment” in time in a public place. That just goes against good sense. The person’s intention is good thus far though.

  • Angus McFangus

    Yeh…it will be unfortunate that it isn’t a secret anymore, but they chose to do this in public (well the guy did anyway).

  • gavin stokes

    There are so many people on this sight that just dont seem to understand photography and are incapable of seeing it from a neutral perspective. If the attitudfe that shots like this shoudnt happen then some of the greatest most moving pictures would never have been taken.

  • Persio Pucci

    While you are technically correct, this means that this world is quickly becoming a very boring place where you have to be 100% politically correct, by-the-book, never-glance-over otherwise you might make the news…