Scream Activated Photo Booth Featured on the NBC Today Show

After a tour of the blogosphere last month, photographer Billy Hunt‘s scream activated photo booth the Screamotron3000 caught the attention of the folks over at NBC Today. This past Sunday Hunt went on national television to share the joy of scream photography.

Here are some of the photos that resulted from the show’s cast and crew testing the camera:

(via Blurberati)

Image credits: Photographs by Billy Brown

  • Jens Hamada

    2 years ago the owner of my prefered club “hired” a photographer (it was his friend) to take pictures of people who vomit in the back alley behind his club. it was the usual place his waitresses had to clean the next morning.
    they used a light barrier and an automatic “voice” activated trigger to take the photos.

    they have done it for 8 or 12 weekends and showed the more or less anonymized pictures at the silvester party…. that was fun. lol

  • photobooth

    I think this is a great idea, the best would be for a Halloween party