Epic Photos of Supercell Storm Clouds Over the American Midwest

Photographer Camille Seaman is well-known for her images of icebergs, but recently she turned her attention to another state of water: supercell storm clouds. She has been partnering with storm chasers and shooting amazing images of violent weather passing through the American Midwest. The series is titled The Big Cloud.

Check out more of her amazing images over on her website.

(via In Focus)

Image credits: Photographs by Camille Seaman and used with permission

  • russianbox

    With photos like this, is it edited after in something like photoshop to give it the colours?

    Or am I missing somthing?

  • Soma Jones

    This is the prettiest planet I’ve seen so far.

  • stanimir stoyanov

    I think it’s very hard to determine what’s “photoshopped” or “in camera.” The colors are affected by many factors like lens filters used, white balance, color reproduction of the lens, etc.

  • Trent

    Yes they are edited. Prob some “Shadows/Highlights…” or “Curves” adjustments in PS.

  • Yoda

    They look photoshopped because of the dynamic range. A trained eye can see it, especially in the clouds.

  • Camille seaman

    I see many of you are wondering about how I get the colors … You should chase sometime then you would know…what is possible without photoshop or HDR.
    I am proud to say these images have a curves adjustment only. I do no HDR or manipulation of colors or saturation. I use a UV filter to protect my lens, I do not even use a tripod. Amazing photos happen when you are sensitive to amazing light.