Tiny Tintypes Created with a 110 Camera

Niniane Kelley of PhotoboothSF — the SF photo shop that still shoots tintype portraits — shot a series of tiny tintype photographs using a 110 camera. The images are likely the world’s first 110 tintypes, and the world’s smallest tintypes as well (each one is about half the size of a standard 35mm frame).

(via PhotoboothSF via Photojojo)

Update: The record may still be held by tintype photos from the world’s smallest wet plate camera.

Image credits: Photographs by Niniane Kelley

  • WhipArtist

    In San Francisco, Rayko also does tintypes. They also teach classes on them.

  • Kimberly Siebert

    I’m ALLLLLLLL for experimenting and doing stuff out of the boring box, but, are they trying to make a point? These picts arent appealing in the least. . I guess I’m an idiot because I literally don’t get it.

  • enero

    not to belittle what this is, and how awesome it is. miniature tintypes, wetplates, daguerreotypes, etc are pretty common place. Just do a google search. Who cares if the size is exactly “110”?! What I’m impressed about is the use of modern equipment to make such prints! WOOH!

  • Steve

    All they’ve proved is that tintypes and 110 cameras are a horrible combination.

  • Edward Mowinckel

    The point isn’t to be different, to make something unique, or to say ‘look at me, look at me!’. Lots of photographers, myself included, are driven by bizarre compulsions. Sometimes you get an idea that you know is woefully impractical, and likely won’t create museum grade results, or any good results whatsoever, but you do it because you’re compelled to. After you’re done you go ‘All right, I did it! That’s kinda neat. Now what?’, and you move onto the next project.

  • Rita K. Healey

    What I’m impressed about is the use of modern equipment to make such prints! WOOH!

  • Skybase

    It’s called fun! :)

  • rtfe

    also, a segment of the population enjoys alternative process photography and developing within the roots of an artistic field.

  • Sunshine

    I love them for what they are. And i love the proccess for what is. Why would anyone be negative about such a quirky little experiment? This is magic in the making.

  • Spider- Man

    If you don’t get it then you don’t enjoy photography. Photography is all about having fun, trying new things and not limiting yourself to all the rules the ‘pros’ have set. If Adam’s hadn’t lugged those big ass cams up the side of mountains or experimented with developing procedures what would photos look like today? What is Stieglitz didn’t push the art of photography?

  • kyoshinikon

    I always thought it was beautiful (just horribly technically incorrect)…. Ill go beck to my “normal” speed graphlex now :P

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks for reminding us of that one :) Updated the post.

  • rtfe

    it is more beautiful than azure sky, etc. etc. etc.

  • ashelyjames729


  • Kellam Clark

    Cool stuff, What else are we to do with our time and desire to achieve immortality. Great fodder for the archaeologists of the future.

    Kellam Clark
    Barking Hand: A Living Tin
    #The Living Tin

  • Mark Brown

    Is it just me, or is the photo being held in the glove-shod hand a photo of the Death Star?