Samsung EX2F: A Premium Compact Camera with a f/1.4 Lens

As more and more consumers are opting to use their smartphones as their primary camera, manufacturers are moving away from cheapo point-and-shoots and towards beefier compact cameras that offer quality that phones can’t match (yet). Samsung’s new EX2F definitely falls into that category. It’s a high-end compact camera that packs a 12.4MP 1/1.7-inch sensor (the size used by many high-end P&S cameras, but smaller than Sony’s new RX100), a 24-79mm (3.3x) f/1.4 lens, a 3-inch swiveling LCD, ISO of up to 12,800, dual stabilization, a hotshoe mount, RAW and full manual shooting, 1080/30p HD video, and WiFi features.

The premium features of this compact camera carry with them a premium price: the camera will cost $549 when it hits store shelves in August, 2012.

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    would look so much better without all that gross branding, is the wi-fi/fullhd/f/1.4 really necessary? yuck.

  • Jason

    What’s it running? It looked like Android until I saw the Skydrive logo.

  • Paula R. Robinson

    a hotshoe mount, RAW and full manual shooting, 1080/30p HD video, and WiFi features.

  • matt

    Looks awesome but I wouldn’t pay more than $300 for a compact With a built in lens. For $549, you’d be crazy not to go for an entry level DLSR. There’s no way this could match the performance.

  • madmax

    A great camera indeed. It´s a compact camera, small for carry anywhere, with bright lens, optional EVF and articulated screen.
    Matt, if you want to buy an entry level DSLR for $500, you get what you pay for: all plastic, weak, not good looking camera, a small viewfinder, fixed so-so screen, slow all plastic lens and image quality could maybe just a little better than this.
    I can understand people who want a pro camera and don´t like cameras like this, but what you are saying is nonsense.

  • wickerprints

    I hope the fast-aperture f/1.4 design catches on, and more of these compact cameras will adopt faster glass. The great thing about these pocket cameras is that the manufacturers keep cranking them out, sometimes at a rate of several a year. Older models then get discounted, and if you’re savvy, you can snap them up! So, if this f/1.4 lens signifies the beginning of a trend, it’s only a matter of time before you can get good low-light performance in a small camera for relatively little cost. After lugging around my 5D2 and 85/1.2L, I’ve come to realize that it’s not always about buying the best image quality for the buck.

  • Jason

    Put the same sensor as the Sony RX100 and you’d have a home run…but with this, you only have a base hit.

  • madmax

    Agree, it´s the worst “feature” of this apparently very good camera.

  • Knur

    Better than Leica

  • Knur

    Yes, you can get a crappy dslr for 500$.

  • Guest

    The thing about that “crappy” dslr is that you can later upgrade the kit lens and it would be a pretty decent camera that beats the hell out of any p&s. Still p&s makes sense too if you want something small and pocketable.

  • Rahahaha

    When is “later”? By the time “later” rolls around, there will be a shiny new EX3F with an even better sensor.

  • Jay

    nice!!! future upgrade for my G12 i think.

  • moogax

    Does an entry level DSLR fit in your pocket? Idiot

  • afvp

    yeah but if it had a leica red dot, you would be happy

  • afvp

    @Matt the best camera is the one you have with you, and I can guarantee that this one will be there a lot more than your camera bag.

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    I suppose you’re trying to say that I’m a leica fan? I don’t know what you base that assumption on. Anyway, I don’t have a problem with Samsung having their own company label on the camera – having ‘SAMSUNG’ above the lens is perfectly fine, it’s the other labels that make the camera look ugly.