A Ring Flash Lighting Tutorial Complete With Zombies and Soda

If you’ve ever wondered when, or how, or why you might use a ring light or ring flash, this short lighting tutorial from The Slanted Lens should help you answer all of those questions. In this case, Jay P. Morgan was shooting for Zombie Juice soda and he took the opportunity to explain why he chose to use a ring flash, some of the disadvantages of ring flashes, and how he supplemented it to get the perfect shot.

Understanding Ring Lights / Ring Flashes: A Lighting Tutorial (via ISO1200)

  • ss

    clearest lighting for a zombie shoot, really?

  • Mark

    Must admit that I don’t associate flat ring lighting with zombies or horror of any kind really. Unless, of course, it was a shot of a pack of zombies about to be run over by a large truck. I would think that the photographer would want to emphasize the dark sunken eyes and bring out the harsh features of the undead–to increase tension as the girl struggles in the pack. Of course, the whole scene seems a bit plain, as the top of a parking deck doesn’t scream “claustrophobic horror”. Just too much stray light going all over the place in what I would expect to be a more low key outdoor environment. It’s art, however, and whatever satisfies the artist (and most important, the client) is what counts in the end.