An Engine Rebuilding Stop-Motion Created Over 11 Months

UK-based nothinghereok purchased an old engine off eBay to replace his old one and then began to document the disassembly process with his DSLR. He soon realized that the project would make a neat stop motion video, so he ended up shooting over 3,000 photographs during the 11 months of disassembly. After combining the photos and adding some music, this is what resulted.

  • Adam Nyholt

    Very nicely done. Love the cliff hanger :)

  • dragos

    Kudos to him! Also liked the ending, funny guy! :)

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    So often time-lapses can come across as boring and self-indulgent but this, coupled with Greig’s In The Hall of the Mountain King, was absolutely captivating from start to finish. Some nice unique creative touches throughout, it’s not just an engine being taken apart – you show how certain parts work as well. And the ending was great =D

  • rtfe

    very cool, nice posting!

  • lopio

    it make me smile :-) music 100% editing 100% creative 200%

  • Ralph Hightower

    That was great! It makes me wish I did the same thing when I replaced the camshaft in my Chevy van. I could’ve yanked the V8 out and done the repair work in the shop, but we decided to do it in place and there’s not much working room in the engine compartment of a van. It took 2-3 months of weekends to get the job done.
    I would’ve had to use disposable cameras for the photodocumentary since I was dirty and greasy up to my armpits.

  • Bill Streeter

    As someone who just replaced an engine…this has the added benefit of being able to remember how it came apart!

  • pryere

    Superb, love the ending.

  • rtfe

    ok. engine is fine. let’s see an entire car rebuilt