Super Slow Motion Bullet Footage Using a Car As the Projectile

You know those amazing high speed photos and videos of bullets being shot through various objects? BMW Canada decided to take things a step further and use a car instead of a bullet. They drove a car at top speed across salt flats and had it smash through a giant glass apple, some giant water balloons, and a target. The resulting slow motion footage is quite amazing.

  • HenryK

    You really thought this video doesn’t use any CGI ?

  • Jay

    Except for the giant glass apple, which I am sure could be done, what makes you think they used CGI?

  • Raphael Puttini

    The last few seconds, when they show the whole setup says it all. You don’t see any camera, any equipment that served for the filming. It’s 100% CGI. Very very well done, but still CGI. Plus, I don’t see how one could make an giant glass apple without any structure. And there are too many close-ups while the car is running fast; just do a pause in the video and you’ll see that it’s too sharp.
    Very very well done, creative, but… it’s all in the details, tiny details that betray the fact it’s CGI and not real. ;-)

  • Mark Marogil

    Yeah this is definitely not real. Stupid that it was posted on here making people think it was real :(

  • Jake Doe

     u just need to film the last sequence twice to get the image without disturbing set, and nothing easier to replace that target-piece…thats not an argument. the glass apple and the ballons in fact doesnt look real to me. nothing wabbling at the car as it hit the apple, and can u imagine the weight of such an amount of water in this huge ballons? there isnt a material thin and strong enough for that. also the waterdrops are to big in my opinion…

  • Adam Thompson

    SICK… sold… cgi or not. quality delivery.

  • Don McMahan

    glass apple…thick enough to support its own weight…..thick enough to damage the car.

  • ajl23

    That’s pretty sweet but it’s a computer animation. Not a very difficult one either.

  • guest

    no, it cant be real because hitting the targets at such high speeds would at least ripe off the antenna slicing these ballons; and that apple seems very unreal to me, too.

  • Lokk66

    All the barriers are CGI. Water balloons the size of a condo? Come on, you know better than that! The engine noise isn’t even real. Still a nice commercial that conveys the desired message.

  • nah.


  • Guest

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  • Ralph Hightower

    Boring. Jeremy Clarkson drove an 18-wheeler through a brick wall as part of a UK Top Gear challenge

  • Aleksandar

    Ok we already concluded it’s an animation, but let’s just add something more to the theory as no one mentioned. Did anyone noticed that car didn’t suffered any damage ? ok target might be styrofoam but glass apple at that speed should make some damage at the car. in real life.