Instapparel: Now You Can Wear Your Favorite Instagram Shots

People either love or hate Instagram, but if you happen to fall into the former category then you now have a wearable option. That’s right, you can wear your favorite Instagram shots. The company that makes this happen is called Instapparel, and it’s easy enough to use: just authorize the website to access your Instagram account and you’re off to the races. You can customize the size of the shirt, choose between color and cream, pick the size and placement of your photos, and then buy the whole thing for $20. So head over to their website if you’re interested in getting your own Instagram shirt.

(via welovephoneography)

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  • Jeremy

    Where there’s a market, there’s a product. Kudos to the person who dreamed up this method of tapping into this trend!

    Bonus points to Instapparel if they make an app for shirt ordering.

  • Leslie Burns

    I think you mean “if you happen to fall into the former[…].” People who hate instagram are not likely to want t-shirts.

  • DL Cade

    We did, thank for noticing that mistake! It’s been fixed :)

  • Adam

    What an amazing idea – printing a picture on a t-shirt! Is there no limit to what bleeding-edge technology brings us?

  • Instapparel

    Thanks, Jeremy!  Mobile version (in browser) should be ready in the next few weeks, and app development starts soon after!  If you want to try out the web-based version, use code LAUNCHWEEK in the next week to get $5 off your next order!