Lomography Announces a New Pocket Camera To Go With Their 110 Film

Admittedly, people didn’t react all that well when Lomography announced that they were bringing 110 film back from the grave, but you have to give them credit for pressing on. Despite criticism that the old toy camera film was never any good to begin with, Lomography have now announced their new Fisheye Baby 110, a pocket-sized camera to go with the pocket sized film.

No longer will you need to have an old toy camera hidden somewhere in the attic if you’re enamored by the idea of once again using 110 film. The Baby 110 come in either Basic or Metal (the Metal adds a PC Flash Adaptor), both of which feature a 170-degree plastic fisheye lens, f/8 aperture, 1/100 shutter or Bulb mode, built-in viewfinder and multiple exposure capability.

Here’s a short ad introducing Lomography’s new baby to the world:

If you’re interested in grabbing one they’re already available on the Lomography store, with the Basic selling for $39 and the Metal for $59. Remember though, you’ll have to get some of their 110 film to go along with it, which’ll cost you an extra $7.90 per 24-exposure cartridge.

Fisheye Baby 110 (via PhotographyBLOG)

  • Cochese

    I’ve still got a really nice 110 camera and film for it. Film which I recently purchased. Yes, it still works and yes, you can still find it online. :D

  • Sporkguy


  • Mansgame

    What’s the point?  Just another excuse to take bad pictures.

  • bob cooley

    Greeeeattt… now we can be subjected to even more ‘artistic photography’ from hipsters.   Because after-all, the more ‘lo-fi’ the the image looks, the more artistic it is…

  • cloven

    Where on earth can you get 110 film developed anymore? 

  • Aus_Guy

    Fair few places in Aus. My lab does, but it’s a freakin bitch to do. And you’ll pay a lot for it. 

  • Phillip Pessar

    Clarks develops 110 film for around $6 including shipping.

  • Greg McKay

     Exactly, it’s the analog version of Instagram…..

  • Ioio2003

    I was so pleased to bin my 110 camera when I was a kid.  Makes me laugh that people would want this now, with the crazy prices lomography charge.  Those tiny negatives look so horrible and if you get a photo that you want to enlarge or crop, it’s going to look awful.

  • Anon

    Next they can bring back the Kodak disc camera… (shudder)

  • bob cooley

     Thanks – I just spit out my coke on my desk laughing :)

  • bob cooley

     Awww c’mon, it’s ONLY $40 or $60 for a metal one :P

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  • Guest

    woop. I bought some baby kodak brownie for a buck on ebay, maybe I’ll finally get around to putting crappy film in a crappy camera.