Romina Amato On Capturing Great News and Sports Photography

In this short video, courtesy of Red Bull, Swiss photographer Romina Amato is asked to elaborate on what makes a great sports/news photographer. She offers some great insights, ranging from what gear/settings she uses to the makings of a phenomenal news shot and how important it is to get your photos out there quickly. Plus, even if you’re not interested in becoming a news or sports photographer, some of her shots are pretty amazing.

Thanks for sending in the tip, Zak!

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  • Jens Hamada

    what makes a great sports/news photographer—-

    a big white tele….

  • Knur

    jealousy ? Go and buy one :) Oh… no money eh ? 

  • Paul Schlesinger

    As a photojournalism student, I found it funny that she said that the pros only used JPEG while a few minutes later you can see that she was using RAW+JPEG when she looks at her lcd screen. 

  • Trevor Cokley

    I really think she meant that you send them in as JPEG. You shoot raw, send jpeg. She probably saves both just in case she needs to send a shot out quicker than anticipated.