Leica Sticking to Brick and Mortar, Plans to Have 200 Worldwide Stores by 2016

With most camera companies moving towards robotic assembly lines and online storefronts, it shouldn’t come as a shock that the one company resisting this revolution is Leica. Not only do they still make many of their products by hand, but they also recently released plans to increase the number of worldwide Leica retail locations from 37 to 200 by the year 2016.

This announcement comes alongside the grand opening of their first US store in Washington DC, and will mean two more Leica stores in the United States by the end of the summer — one in New York and another in Miami.

(via PSFK)

Image credit: Family reunion by Terence S. Jones

  • Guest

    With other manufacturers hiring young hip celebrities to promote their products, Leica hired Seal.

  • branden rio

    Better than Phil Collins

  • Bill347

    Unfortunately, it will take their entire annual production just to supply those 200 stores with floor models.

  • TSY87

    Leica and Apple should collaborate. 

  • Renato Murakami

    Makes sense not only because Leica still makes products by hand, but mainly because of what they are selling: it’s the brand, not the tech on cameras (though this is also part).

    Kinda like Apple.

  • Knur

    We need more Leica stores in Somalia

  • Sir_Elton_Juan

    Leica doesn’t need Apple, rest assured of that.