Portraits of Celebrity Impersonators and their Asian Doppelgängers

For his project titled All Look Same, San Francisco-based photographer Howard Cao photographed celebrity impersonators in Las Vegas and then had Sugar Digital do some post-processing magic to transform their race. The result is a series of images that is meant to ask the question, “Would celebrities be as interesting to American culture if they were Asian?”.

Cao was recently selected as a winner of the 2012 PDN Photo Annual.

(via Flavorwire)

Image credits: Photographs by Howard Cao

  • Flgraphics

    that last one is scary close!!

  • Jack

    This is great! The Dolly Parton on is really creepy though …

  • Dave

     They are not different people. The right hand images (the Asians) are just digital edits of the originals on the left. It’s in the article.

  • Donovan Rekanize Fannon

    “Would celebrities be as interesting to American culture if they were Asian?”
    I’m not sure I even understand the question. Let’s convolute imagery in order to loosely address a vague question. The portraits are nice, there’s definitely a theme, the post editing is great, but I just don’t get why the question is relevant, or how these images even inspire an answer?

  • Laura

    YESS hahaha

  • Dan Howard

    like the idea, not a fan of the harsh vignettes and the over processed look.

  • SVT

    “Would celebrities be as interesting to American culture if they were Asian?”

    Of course not. Just turn on the TV or head to the theaters.

  • Spider- Man

    Yeah cause Bruce Lee was from Alabama right? Jet Li, Detroit?

  • Bockett

     had Sugar Digital do some post-processing magic to transform their race???

  • Glenn Thompson

    Great nice creation…. How is it possible????? But great creation….

  • MMMM

    Yes. Race.

  • Davesmith

    Some people have just too much time. Asians don’t assimilate as much so obviously there is less interest in them.

  • BradG

    Very cool, the Willie Nelson one is beautifully done!  Just a footnote: “race” is an antiquated term.  It hasn’t been used in biology for some time.

  • Guest

    please elaborate on “asians don’t assimilate as obviously”, ‘davesmith’

  • Petek

    the only guy the 1st dude looks like is Asian Rose

  • Lawrence DeVore

    The last guy really has the mouth nailed.

  • Brewster’s Cafe

    In the end we are one big race: humans. I’m sure Klingons would have trouble nitpicking us apart.