Amazing Slow Motion Footage Using a High Speed Camera Robot

Super slow motion footage captured by high speed cameras usually shows slow movements (if any), but German studio The Marmalade came up with a brilliant way of speeding up the movements: a high-speed robot camera operator.

Our groundbreaking High Speed Motion Control System ‘Spike’ brings the creative freedom of a moving camera to the world of high speed filming and so enables us to create shots that would be impossible to achieve otherwise. ‘Spike’ can freely move the camera with unparalleled speed and precision, thereby removing the previously existing creative limitation of having to shoot high speed sequences with a locked camera.

By marrying the hardware of a sturdy and reliable industrial robot to software that was built from the ground up for the demands of motion controlled high speed imaging, we developed a unique system for creating real life camera moves with the ease of use normally associated with 3D Animation.

The system does camera moves that are exactly repeatable, allowing them to be slightly tweaked until the shot is just right.

Here’s another video filled with some incredible footage captured with the robot:

(via Reddit)

  • Jeremy

    This is the offspring of the marriage of art and technology. Beautiful.

  • Flgraphics

    this is some beautiful work.

    I think one issue is though, we automatically assume shots like these are CG now

  • Meor M. Syafiq

    This is very cool!

  • Michel

    Thanks to Realflow fromĀ  Maxwell 3D

  • xpirex

    All that talent and beauty and it’s only used to sell you crap and things that are bad for you…

  • Lukephotographer

    These videos are the coolest thing I have ever seen! I want Spike! It probs cost’s like a billion $!

  • Jonathan R. Holeton

    do you know where we can buy a Spike robot/camera rig or something similar?

  • debbie

    you cant buy it.. .they made it for innhouse use only! they are a production company !

  • mahirh

    Yup, looks like something that’d come out of realflow and Vray