Next Gen MacBook Pro to Offer Retina Display for High-Res Photo Editing

Big updates coming at you from Apple’s WWDC for the MacBook Pro line today, the most impressive of which was their super thin, “next generation” 15-inch MacBook Pro that now boasts a retina display. With 220 pixels per inch, and over 5 million pixels overall, the screen will offer 4-times the resolution of previous models — needless to say we’re impressed with the photo edition possibilities here.

The Next Gen MacBook Pro starts shipping today at a starting price of $2,199, which is of course only the beginning if you want to add more memory, ram or processor speed. Apple’s Aperture is already updated to work with the new display, so Aperture users will be able to take advantage of the drastically increased resolution right away (Apple is calling it “a game changer” for photographers), while Adobe is already hard at work on a similar update for Photoshop. We don’t know about you, but our wallets are begging for mercy right about now…

(via Engadget)

  • Merv

    Isn’t 220ppi *roughly* double that of most current displays?
    The way I see it, the screen will display photo’s at *roughly* half the width and height of other displays, how is this good for photo editing?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing, actually an Apple fan, just not sure this one works out?

  • EffeteBloke

    The effective screen resolution is still the same as the previous 1440X900 regular resolution previous 15″ MacBook Pro.  On this new retina MBP the size of all elements is doubled making everything smoother but you don’t actually get any more screen real estate.  In fact the ‘old’ 15″ Hi res MacBook Pro will give you more screen real estate.

    I’ll wait until they double the 1680X1050 hi res MBP to 3360X2100. 

  • Guest

     The new display is still only 5 megapixels. Most people’s photos are larger than that.

  • Ra Riegler

    The screen resolution is definetely 1680×1050, but the size of the display is the same, so you also could have an ever higher resolution, but the screen will be the same 15″ screen. So just buy a bigger laptop if you need more room on your display.

  • Don

    So…basically the second “game changing” release from Apple post SJ that is really nothing more than a higher resolution display (ok…ipad not 3 has a better camera too)…

  • Ollie

     Well it has a huge SSD too, and thunderbolt, but yeah not really a game changer in the same way the iPhone 4 was.

  • Raul

    No Adobe RGB color space? Not valid for serious photographers.

  • ajw93

    Hm, if I were a mac user, I’d say this:  The computer might have a high-res display but…the giant monitor/lcdtv/external display I have it hooked up to for effective and efficient editing, does not.  Sorry, Apple, you’re going to have to come up with some other reason to get my 2200 bucks.  

  • Merv

    Umm, yeah.

  • Renato Murakami

    The top max out at $3750 for those wondering…

    It’s interesting and all, but yeah, an upgrade. Can’t agree with “game changer”.
    In fact, I can’t agree with lots of hiperboles seen in the last few WWDCs… resolutionary, etc.
    Owning an iPad 2, when the new iPad came out I saw no reason for switching.
    Let’s see how it goes with iPhone 5… the rumors are interesting, but rumors nonetheless.
    Back to Macbook pro – I still want to see how much of a problem this will be for the graphics card and specially on battery life…
    Oh, and what came out about Final Cut Pro X was very very meh.

  • Felipe Yang

    The logic behind it would be that you could see the same size image on the new retina display with greater pixel depth so it’d look much sharper..

  • branden rio

    Apple’s website states very clearly the new MBP has “a 2880-by-1800 resolution”, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about. 

  • Manwithacamera

    Only interesting thing is the addition of Flash storage instead of conventional hard disks. SSDs are very expensive for last few years. Now every company will try to add these Flash disks to their computers. In one or two years, price of these disks will get reduced.

  • swampy

    Actually, this is a big misconception. The new retina Mac Books actually do not offer more real estate. In fact, they offer LESS real estate then the current “hi res” 15″ and 17″ models. Yes, photos and such will show at “retina” resolution – as long as the software supports it. The actual screen elements etc will be displayed at double pixels. So the 15″ MBP will still look like a 1400×900 display just like the current low end model – and in my estimation that makes the new “retina” 15″ MBP unsuited for photo editing. Yes, the photos may (perhaps) look nice, but there is simply not enough screen real estate for consistent photo editing use. The 17″ has been eliminated it seems. Today was another sad day for users who want to use Macs for demanding pro grade applications, such as photo editing software. Not that there are many alternatives currently in the Win-PC world. But, gee, my 6-year old ThinkPad with hi res 14″ screen beats this. How well this all will work with respect to color calibration and such remains to be seen also. Not good.

  • swampy

    Unfortunately, in Apple land this is it now. No more 17″ MBP. And life on the other side isn’t that much better. Hi res screens that have lots of real estate at any size are currently hard to find. Thanks to the TV “hi def” hype that’s the max screen size you will find. Think of it in terms of ppi. Many manufactures don’t even post the actual resolution anymore, only in the fine print somewhere. And now with the so called “retina” displays people/consumers will be even more confused. Nothing gained here. If I knew there was a future for Mac and photography I might be tempted to pick up a hi res 15″ or 17″ matte while their still available. But then again. Looks like Apple has decided to go all the way consumer grade pretty stuff that talks to you.

  • Jax

    Editing on a reflective, shiny lcd screen, where you tilt the screen and it looks darker/brighter? Calibrating isn’t going to fix that… so. No thanks. 

  • JoeTurber

    From Wikipedia: The name ‘retina display’ is based on the assertion that a display of approximately 300 ppi at a 10-inch (254 mm)[citation needed] distance from one’s eye is the maximum amount of detail that the human retina can process
    The new MacPro does not even come close but they use the term.  I sit about as close to my computer as I read on my phone, so any claims there are bogus.  

    Doing this is similar to saying 4G for cell phones, meaningless.   This is just Apple hype and changing terms to suit themselves.

    They have a nice new screen that most other computers will get soon, but please Apple don’t mislead the public!    Yea some my reply and call me a hater, but you know what that says about yourself. 

    Yea some my reply and call me a hater, but you know what that says about yourself.

  • Corbyn

    Check the refurb section in the store. I got a 17” matte on right after they axed the line, and saved a good chunk of change as well.

  • Corbyn

    It’s identical to buying new, save for the box.

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  • Mike

    Looks like a nice device and is certainly tempting. Photo editing would be better though I would prefer those pixels stretched across 17 inches instead. I’m willing to carry the extra bulk to get the bigger screen. I’ll have to see one in person before I make any buying decision.

  • Kb2kb

    “No Adobe RGB color space? Not valid for serious photographers.”
    I would say nearly worthless.
    “Editing on a reflective, shiny lcd screen, where you tilt the screen and it looks darker/brighter? Calibrating isn’t going to fix that… so. No thanks. ”
    Supposedly, the new screen has an AR coating on the glass, and is IPS for wide viewing angle.  

  • Hstewart

    The real interesting thing about this display is HiDPI – which means that text will be clearer.  Also in reviews with games – the need for Anti-Aliasing is no longer necessary with screen.

    I am very curious who makes this screen – this is probably one of Apples greatest kept secrets.

  • Hstewart

    I would not discredit this screen – until you actually seen it.

    As for photoediting – I think you absolutely wrong –  especially for large images – it should be much clear detail on screen than other computers. Much sharper and better contrast.

  • jescott418

    You know its a beautiful notebook but not a very practical one. I don’t like the ideal of paying Apple’s costs for upgrades to RAM,SSD drive and then not being able to replace the battery because its glued in. If I am going to spend well over $2500 after upgrades on a new notebook. I don’t want one that makes it difficult to replace the battery and extend its life. I suspect Apple is hoping this will encourage you to just buy a new Mac then send it away or take it to a Genius at a Apple store to fix. Bottom line I do not like the take away’s vs the retina/SSD additions. I lose memory, and gain a lot of resolution for what? A little crisper image with some content? 

  • PJHoggers

    Got it…love it… I am a PJ so its perfect… light, fast and good-looking…what else does a girl on the road need? Oh except maybe a lottery win to pay for it!

  • PJHoggers

    …and PS I run CS5 and FCP7 and edit my little heart out at a pro level then send it all via ftp to the various publications I work for…the screen is magnificent and trust me I have seen more pics than your average tog…