Stunning Underwater Photography

Having just mentioned National Geographic yesterday, it’s appropriate that we’re featuring a photographer whose work has been used in the magazine many times over. David Doubilet is certainly one of the greatest underwater photographers in the world, and his work in both fresh and salt water, in both black and white and color, really leaves one breathless.

These photographs are no accident either. Although the digital age of photography has made it possible for him to take photographs he only dreamed of before, according to Doubilet, capturing a worthwhile moment underwater is many times harder than doing so on land:

That Cartier-Bresson moment that is hard to achieve on land is 10 times harder to achieve underwater, because you’re swimming around with a large housing with arms as long as 24 inches long and attached to the end of the arms are your strobes. Sometimes you’re using six or seven strobes or large surface-powered H.M.I. movie lights.

For more examples of his work, or more information from the man himself, head over to his website or check out the gallery of his work on the New York Times Lens Blog.

Image credits: Photographs by David Doubilet and used with permission

  • Mike

    Wow, great shots!

  • GlossGreen

    Amazing. He is a true artist.

  • Boy


  • Juanita W. Profit

    the New York Times Lens Blog. 

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  • henfana

  • Guest

    nice pictures!
    does anyone know what camera&lenses and what underwater housing he’s using?

  • Disolep

    love all of them.

  • Dave

     Doubilet has been around for so many years there is no simple answer for that. If my memory serves me he is primarily a Nikon shooter but many pros do not limit themselves to one camp. I know he has used Nexus housing before ( when he made the cover of Nat Geo with great white sharks in 2000) but doubt if that is exclusive either.

    Because he has the National Geo photo resources behind him he also has had the benefit of having a lot of custom gear made for him to his specifications. He pioneered the ‘over under’ or split shot among other things and that took some custom gear to pull off for the first time.

    Also, so much of his great photography is not so much about cameras as it is the lighting, which he is a master at, often using remote and powerful lights for his signature back lighting look.

    This article shows such a small sample of one of underwater photography’s most accomplished artists.

  • Dustin

    All photos are amazing and really lovable. Thanks for sharing.

    A webmaster of photobooks

  • Guest

     i actually found what i was looking for: he’s using SeaCam housings:
    why are they just so damn expensive… i’d love to have one :(

  • MannDaryl

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  • Dave

     Seacam is really the Rolls Royce of housings.

  • ianbell114

    nicely done