David Pogue Raves About Mysterious Camera That’s Coming in Two Weeks

New York Times gadget columnist David Pogue knows something we don’t. In this year’s list of personal electronic recommendations, he has some glowing words for a soon-to-be-announced digital camera:

I bought the amazing Canon S100, a tiny pocket camera with the biggest sensor on the market. I wrote about my reasons here. But in two weeks, I’ll be switching my allegiance. You cannot believe what’s about to come down the photographic pike. Trust me: If you’re in the market for a small camera with astonishing photographic results, hold off for a few weeks.

Could he be talking about the Canon mirrorless camera that will reportedly be announced later this month?

What Pogue Actually Bought [NYT]

Image credit: David Pogue by eschipul

  • brianne

    The new Sony p&s?

  • Valentino

     I think he might be referring to a new Sony pocket cam with FF sensor. . .

  • The_photographer_Tom

    I doubt if he’s talking about the new “Canon mirrorless camera” as he mentions “switching allegiance”.
    Sound to me like one of these types who just HAVE to have the latest all singing all dancing gizmo.

  • Harrison

    Maybe he saw the new iPhone and was impressed with the quality. Considering he can’t get through a review of anything without comparing or referencing an Apple product. And for the most part never gives Apple products bad ratings.

  • Michael Zhang

    Good point

  • Harrison

    I don’t know if allegiance means brand because I know for the longest time he has been using Nikon for his personal dSLRs

  • Rtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrq

    is he gay?

  • Kozmo Nauta

    I’m sorry?? Those people glorifying mirorrles shit because they newer experienced  a pro-dslr with a NORMAL size pentaprism like canon 1d mark IV,Mamiya 645 AFD,Nikon D4.Mirorrles crap is not for the future.

  • Jamie A MacDonald

     Prepare to be left behind then.

  • AcevedoJulian

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  • Guest

    This is the only secret the NYT is able to keep…Gotta love “strenuous” reporting.

  • Iris Blau

    Pogue is one of tech reportingings biggest buffones………….

  • Bellrobert

    He is on about the new sony RX100 which is the size of the canon s100 but the sensor size of the Nikon 1. If it was the canon mirrorless he would be switching allegiance would he. Checkout the link shot at iso 2000 on a compact!

  • Bellrobert

    Sorry that should have read wouldn’t be switching allegiance.

  • wickerprints

    SLR technology is mature and has withstood the test of time.  However, I think we are nearing a point in technological development where the optical viewfinder will soon be replaced by sophisticated electronic viewfinders, with extremely fast response times, high resolution, and excellent image fidelity.  We are also nearing a point where AF systems will no longer require a reflex mirror, but will be computed via the imaging sensor, while having responsiveness and accuracy equal to present phase-detection systems.

    The reflex mirror has been one of the fundamental technologies of 135 and medium format photography.  It has facilitated the development of extremely sophisticated and high-performance cameras.  But like film, it too is destined to be replaced by better and more robust technologies.

    That said, we clearly are NOT there yet.  It won’t happen for at least several more years.  At present, nothing beats the mirror+pentaprism.

    Then why the interest in mirrorless system cameras?  Because most people who want to take pictures aren’t really interested in the performance level of DSLRs.  They want something that gives better image quality than a phone or pocket camera, with a interchangeable lens system, but isn’t bulky and noisy like a DSLR.  Even DSLR enthusiasts like this idea.

    So, you should take all the hype with a grain of salt.  It’s not targeted toward photographers who need all the things DSLRs provide.  We’re talking about people who basically just want to take snapshots, or whose concept of a camera is something that they can take with them most anywhere without weighing them down.

  • Ashleigh

    Any reporter with a scoop of new impressive technology release would love to break that story, reporters feast on such, editors celebrate scoop-reporters and they win media awards.

    Shills announce they have an announcement.  Shill announcements are always anti-climactic.

  • Spkmm

    Mirrorless crap like a Leica M9? LOL

  • Bellrobert

    I’ve changed my mind. The sony is tiny and black, whatever is on his hand is larger and silver.

  • Guest

    Check out the picture on his the Wikipedia page…

  • chuntianwen

  • Guest

    I’m not sure what a “buffone” is, unless you meant “buff one”, in which case I have to say he doesn’t look that buff to me. And you might want to check your keyboard; I think there might be an echo in your typinging.

  • guest

    Really? This is spam.

  • Fabrice Bacchella

    Kodak used to say the same thing about digital sensors

  • henfana

  • Mike Tenant

    Wonder how much he was paid for the “scoop,” or why he was “the only one” to get the advance, seems a little too convenient. That kind of publicity is normally well paid for…

  • NiggerLoser

    Who gives sh!te?