Camera+ Turns Two, Comments on the Many Acquisition Offers It’s Turned Down

While celebrating its second birthday yesterday, the extremely popular camera app Camera+ revealed that it has sold over 8 million copies since its inception. The question that followed this announcement, naturally, is why hasn’t the app gone the way of Instagram and been bought out for massive amounts of money yet. After all, unlike Instagram, Camera+ is a paid app that has made a profit; wouldn’t that make it even more appealing to the big guys? Well it has, but Camera+’s determination to remain “fiercely independent” has had the higher-ups shutting down even those companies with deep enough pockets to make a tempting offer.

According to founder John Casasanta, the Instagram acquisition only increased the frequency and size of the offers coming Camera+’s way:

The proposed Facebook acquisition of Instagram fueled a lot of ridiculousness in the industry and the the number of zeroes that’ve come-up in these negotiations has been insane. These offers have been tempting… extremely tempting in some particular cases.

Tempting as those offers have been — including offers from the likes of Adobe, Zynga, Google and Twitter — Camera+ refuses to have “bean-counting investors breathing down our necks.” And if that means the app remains a highly-rated, well-loved part of smartphones everywhere, we doubt anyone’s gonna argue with their strategy.

(via The Next Web)

  • Mikegold2k

    Good for them i love this app and i guess only time will tell if they sell out. I wouldn’t blame them if they did i mean moneys money right. However i feel if they let another company buy them the program will suffer and get worse because the new guys dont care about features/functionality if its any good just will it make us money and can it be another product we have just to say we have.

  • chuntianwen