Stilla: An Amazing 3D Camera App that Lets You Capture All the Angles

A new iOS app from design studio Maybe It’s the Lightening, simply titled Stilla, works with one simple premise: every photo has a second photo — or third or fourth — that your camera missed. For every picture of your friend on the boat, there’s a beautiful sky and a glorious reflection of that sky in the water that you missed. Stilla seeks to remedy that.

When you take a photo with Stilla you take as many as it… well… takes. The app then puts them together in a really cool, interactive, three dimensional image that hopefully captured everything you wanted to capture about that moment.

It’s difficult to describe the final product in words, so if the videos piqued your interest be sure to head over to their site for an interactive demo, or grab up the $2 app from the iTunes store and give it a shot yourself.

Stilla (via PSFK)

  • Mark

    This will make the spray-n-pray crowd very happy I bet. Not to be a curmudgeon, but one of the foundations of photography is to capture the essence of your message within the confines of a 2D still. It forces the photographer to really reflect on the characteristics of the scene, from lighting and shadows, to shapes and negative space. But the most important consequence is that the viewer’s own creative vision creates and interprets the “missing parts”. It is a much more satisfying experience than being fed a scene with all minute details revealed. Funny how new technology has nearly re-categorized traditional photography as a minimalist art form. I say bring on the new tech, as long as it doesn’t make artists lazy or lose sight of the traditional/classical techniques and aesthetic forms.

  • Mark

     Incidentally, the sample on the author’s web site was not compelling to me at all. I’ve found more immersion from wiggle stereoscopy.

  • Delores R. Batz

    It’s difficult to describe the final product in words,..CNNMoney7.notlong.Com

  • Steven

     Stop spamming people


    So basically it’s microsoft’s Photosynth from 2006/2008 – which happens to be available on Windows phones since a couple of days. That doesn’t mean it’s not interesting, but hardly original.


    Oops, i just realized Photosynth has been available on iPhones for over a year too.

  • John Stock

    Actually it’s a lot worse than photosynth which is fully 3d and not single axis.

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  • kendon

    using chrome to visit the authors website im being told that my browser “does not support that feature yet”, and that i should “try Google Chrome, it’s well worth it”…