Tom Lowe’s TimeScapes Has Arrived Complete With A 4K Trailer

We’ve mentioned Tom Lowe’s TimeScapes a few times before, but if you’ve somehow missed out on the many trailers that have gone viral here’s your chance to see one more and then maybe head over to iTunes to pick up the movie, which has quickly become the #5 best-seller in documentaries.

If this trailer looks familiar that’s because it is; the “Rapture” trailer was released before, and we even featured it. What’s special about this version is that it has been uploaded in the original 4K — the same quality as the rest of the movie. It’s one of the few times you’ll see the designation “original” above 1080p when selecting video quality on the YouTube version. If the gorgeous footage piques your interest, be sure to head over to their website for a detailed synopsis and more information.

  • stanimir stoyanov

    I can’t wait to receive my Blu-ray copy soon… pre-ordered the special edition half a year ago!

  • Knur

    One of the best cinematography I ever seen. Highly recommended

  • will hall

    so where does one get a 4k monitor from?

  • Angus

    Stunning. just stunning.

  • Ron

    Time lapse photography of National Parks and pretty hot air baloons! What will they think of next? And with really “serious” sounding music on the soundtrack.

  • Mpflnet

    Am I mistaken but When I download the original version it comes down as the 2560 version and not the 4k version? So it fits my 27″ iMac nicely but it’s not the full 4k version or I may be missing something.

  • ClarkTommy63

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  • Jostein Roalkvam

    Somewhat reminds me of the movie “Baraka”