Photo Series on Missing Persons Posters

There’s something profoundly sad about a missing persons poster. That rectangular piece of paper often signifies a last ditch effort, a one in a million chance, and it’s that desperation and sadness that Graham MacIndoe captures with his “Missing Persons” photo series. Started way back in 1989, the series takes an up close and personal look at the posters many of us pass daily but never notice.

You can find more of MacIndoe’s work at his website or on the New York Times’ Lens Blog.

(via Lens)

Image credits: Photographs by Graham MacIndoe and used with permission

  • Slash_Cynic

    Have people run out of creative ideas?

  • rtfe

    no, currently i am working on a photography project that involves documenting discarded chewing gum on city sidewalks. i have travelled thousands of miles across the country photographing used gum. soon i will be travelling to london to photograph used gum on sidewalks as well. each piece tells a unique and savagely important story of the human condition and all its unique wonderments and achievements. 

  • Michael Godek

    how is this not a creative idea….have you done it before? no? then it’s probably original (or at least closer to it than acting like its the norm)

     that’s like saying…”oh he’s capturing his photos with a camera?? can’t you be more creative than that now-a-days?”

  • Kathleen Grace

    What an exceptional documentary.  This is poignant photography that moves people.  It is a statement of our times.   

  • 9inchnail

    I’m chewing one right now. Give me your email adress and I’ll send you the GPS coordinates as soon as I spit it out. Gonna be a good one.

  • Wallerus

    I see the benefits of this, as in sharing the mission in one location at a greater rate. However, my first reaction was it looks like exploitation. Am I wrong? The creativity aspect is there, we haven’t run out of things to photograph, it’s just that not everything will be widely accepted in a photo.

  • Michael Young

    I did one I would love to add to your series

  • Manyala

    The idea is good and original but it should have captured something. Like a theme. Like the desperatinon of the people looking for their loved ones as seen on the posters (just saying). But the idea is crazy good. The discarded chewing gum one too!