DIY Fan Mod for Keeping a Camera Cool When Shooting Long Videos

For those of you who use your Sony NEX-5N to shoot video, you may have noticed that longer clips have a tendency to lock up your camera. It’s not a problem for shorter videos, but clips over 20 minutes, especially in hot weather, often brings the camera up to a temperature it would rather avoid. To solve this problem, Aron Anderson of trinityfxmg had the idea of modding the camera by adding a battery powered fan to keep it cool even in blistering weather.

So if you have an NEX-5N and want to rid yourself of overheating woes, this video tutorial will show you how to do the mod from start to finish, and even demonstrates the fan in action in brutal 107-degree weather.

(via DIYPhotography)

  • Shane Kennedy

    Had the pleasure of using a couple Sony products in the past.  Both over heated after about an hours use.  Never had my Pentax DSLR overheat on me once!  Something to be said about Sony perhaps?

  • jdm8

    I guess that would work well if you don’t plan to use the camera’s audio – granted, one should be using external audio wherever possible.

    If you’re stuck with this camera, then that’s a possible solution, but I would be looking for a different camera.

  • stimpy77

    I like the sticker mod but wanted to see how well it performed with the display lifted, without the fan. :(

  • Dan Tauro

    Probably an issue with the size of the camera. All the power no space for heat sinks. You gotta know the processors in these things are working overtime.