Tree Leaves as “Pinhole Cameras” During a Solar Eclipse

If you went outdoors to observe the solar eclipse yesterday, you might have noticed that the shadows cast by trees had suddenly become quite strange. The tiny gaps between leaves act as pinhole lenses, projecting crescent shaped images of the eclipsed sun onto the world below.

Here are a couple videos showing the same thing:

P.S. The Frame has an incredible gallery of eclipse photos that you’ve got to check out.

Image credit: Eclipse shadows by bob, annular eclipse shadows by just sof, Eclipse shadows by ChathuraW, The Eclipse Tree, Basildon. by Picture Esk, and P1040627.1 by Cantavestrella

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    really awesome stuff. living in the UK it makes me sad that we’re pretty much never in a position to see eclipses (I’m sure someone can tell me when the last time there was a good observable eclipse from the UK…) so getting to these photos is really great, most people’s attention is usually on the actual eclipse so it’s cool to see pinhole effects like this =D

  • Pryere

    Indeed, fascinating.

  • ravan52

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  • will hall

     try this page . Last total eclipse was the 1999 one. Since then we’ve had 4 partial ones, with another apprently coming up in November ’12 (though listed, the page for that ecplise shows it being south pacific so im not so suree about that one). There will be a large partial in march 2015 but the next total will pass across southern england in 2090

  • Jeanne

    Saw these on a friend’s car.  We’d just arrived home from hiking in the Sierras and knew the eclipse was happening.  When we got out of the car we immediately noticed the lessening of light – but then!  We saw the imagine reflected on her carin great multiples as sun shined through my tree leaves.  First for me – I didn’t know this happened.  I’ll be ready for the next one (in 2017 here in the states) with a solar lens for my Canon 60D, some colored filters and some welder’s glass – all ways to view that I just learned about and much more exciting than the pinhole in cardboard view!

  • cygon

    took pics like these one time there was a partial solar eclipse in my native country. Weather and lighting were PERFECT !!!But I had to migrate to the other side of the globe the end of that month and the film roll got lost. bummer. Oh, there were NO digital cameras then.