Nikon’s Articles of Incorporation May Be Updated to Include… Cosmetics?

Some strange news from Nikon today: the company published a press release detailing some decisions made at a meeting of the Board of Directors that was held today. The directors were discussing some proposed amendments to the company’s Articles of Incorporation that will be discussed at the general shareholders meeting on June 28th. Under the section that spells out Nikon’s business activities, they’re proposing the following amendment:

Manufacture and sale of pharmaceuticals, quasi-pharmaceutical products and cosmetics;

Unless we’re reading this press release incorrectly, it seems to indicate that Nikon is planning to manufacture and sell pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Here’s a screenshot of the press release that shows the proposed modifications:

Nikon Rumors points out that Fujifilm made moves earlier this year to begin selling skincare products in Europe. Perhaps Nikon is moving in the same direction?

(via Nikon via Nikon Rumors)

Image credit: Makeup Brush on White Background by Trostle

  • Strelok

    I guess they think “when our customers are stoned enough they’ll love our products”
    I’m a D5100 user, so I know what I’m talking about. :)

  • Eric

    Fandom has a face, might as well powder it too…

  • Brandon

    Why not? i believe Sony (under the sony name)sells cosmetics in some markets.

  • DelacruzMay49

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  • haohe382
  • Chen

    Seems like they setting themselves up for an Olympus scandal…

  • Francois Rejete

    Well they’re only following on Fujifilm who’s been selling beauty supplements under the Fujifilm brand since last year in Japan.