“Wrong Way” Beatles Abbey Road Photo to be Auctioned

A rare Beatles photograph taken in the same shoot as the iconic Abbey Road album cover is set to go up for auction on May 22nd, and is expected to fetch up to £9,000 (~$14,300). The photograph by Iain Macmillan was one of seven photographs captured while the band walked back and forth across the zebra crossing. A police officer held up traffic while the photographer was given 10 minutes to do the shoot while standing on a ladder. Only 25 copies of this “wrong way” photo were ever printed.

(via Bloomsbury Auctions via The Guardian)

  • Samcornwell

    What’s that make the negative worth?

  • Soma Jones

    Paul isn’t dead in this photo, he’s not bare foot.

  • Michael Godek

    very interesting…i had no idea!

  • Van K.

    That was my instant thought when I saw the picture. Kind of throws that conspiracy out the window. 

  • PeckJuliette6

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