BlackRapid’s New LensBling Caps: Tag Each Lens With Its Focal Length

BlackRapid‘s new series of rear lens caps, dubbed “LensBling,” offer an interesting way to organize and identify your lenses in a hurry. The ideal moment doesn’t wait for you to find the right lens, and so the precious moments you could save when trying to distinguish your 85mm from your 105mm could mean the difference between a great picture and a missed opportunity.

At $8.50 per cap they’re not a bad deal; but even though it wouldn’t look quite as “blingy,” we can’t help but think that the DIY route involving a strip of tape and sharpie would probably work just as well.

(via BlackRapid via Imaging Resource)

  • 242Digital.Com

    Ha Ha… That’s cool and I like the idea… Like the bag too ;-)

  • Nico

    8,50USD for a lenscap with a sticker on it “not a bad deal”??? 
    … and don’t you never put the cap of the lens you just took out of your bag on the lens that was on your camera before?? 

  • Ítalo Brito

    I’m way more interested in that great looking camera bag. Anyone have any info on it?

  • Yohann

    Oh common.
    If you don’t even know what your lenses look like from the top, there is something wrong.

    8.50$ the piece of plastic with a sticker. Brilliant.

    Anyway, screw those caps, the bag looks great.

  • ga1n

    bag is nice. looks like domke. 

    could care less about the lens caps… anyone ever heard of a label maker?

  • wickerprints

    I don’t know about other photographers, but each lens I own has a shape, size, and weight that’s completely different.  It’s not exactly hard to figure out which one is which.  I suppose other people might have lenses that look and feel substantially the same.

    However, it is MUCH more common for me to switch end caps when switching lenses.  I’ll take the rear cap off one lens and put it on another.  If these caps were not identical in some way–e.g., labeled with a sticker–that would just cause unnecessary confusion.  Even front caps of the same diameter get switched from time to time.

    I often feel like camera accessory companies tend to come up with solutions in search of a problem, and then try to market these products to photographers who don’t really need to spend extra money on such knickknacks.  Even if you felt you could benefit from labeled end caps, it would cost you much less to just label the ones you already have.

  • Colin Wright

    I think the bag is a Domke Waxwear.  I have one, and love it!

  • Michał Jaszewski

    The bag is a Domke F2 WaxWear. I have the same bag and it’s pretty awesome. The only thing that bugs me is I can’t have 3-4 lenses with the hoods in reverse in the bag at the same time. I have to leave the hood at home to take more lenses.

  • Sean Lucky

    I have an old F2 which looks to be the same as this. Absolutely awesome bag.

  • Pkdesi1

    I was wondering about that bag too. Does anyone know anything about the bag? I am looking for one and I like the look of it.

  • pw-pix

    It doesn’t make sense, you remove the lens on your camera, take the rear cap off the lens you want to mount, put that on the lens you removed and mount the new lens on the camera. So the neatly labelled 50mm rear cap is now on your 85mm lens. 

  • Spider- Man

    yeah that was what I was thinkin. I am always sans one cap so I can rotate when I change. The right cap wouldn’t be on for long LOL

  • Sid Ceaser

    From looking at one of the photos from above full size, it appears the numbers are laser cut into the caps, so that they are “raised” above the cap itself.  So there is slight dimension to them.

    That said, this is a very clean, stylized way of organizing a gear bag very much how I use gaffers tape currently to do the same thing.  Only these are more stylized.  And a little cooler.  Although, the whole “lensbling” moniker has *got* to go.  Just give me big, raised, cool looking numbers so that when I open my bag, or when I have someone else open my bag, they’ll know exactly what they are grabbing.

    The organization, friends, is left up to you!

    Until I learn how to laser cut or die-cut big fancy numbers into my lens caps, this is a very easy visual aid to help you out.

    The price is a little off, but I must confess, these look much nicer than my bad handwriting in silver sharpie on pieces of gaff tape.

  • Sid Ceaser

    oh, and also; I think RapidStrap just helped sell a whole new batch of domke bags ;)

  • Tom Waugh

    All my lenses are stored “front down” in my bag. I use Dymo labels on the rear caps because they all tend to look the same from that angle.