Emotive Portraits of Majestic Horses

“All the Wild Horses” is a photo series by South African photographer Andrew McGibbon that consists of beautiful studio portraits of horses. McGibbon writes,

For thousands of years the horse has been mankind’s closest ally. The horse made travel and development possible. We tethered, weighted and reigned them. We captured, stabled and trained them.

Ever willing, the horse was the magnificent tool of man’s ingenuity. The Horse is a beast of legend, taking on its own character, personality, emotion and mythology. However, with the advent of the steam engine the horse was made obsolete, and now they are resigned to the realm of shows and races, a world of equestrian sport, a mere shadow of the beast’s former glory.

McGibbon says painstakingly lit each shot in a manner reminiscent of the portraiture of the rich and famous.

All the Wild Horses [Andrew McGibbon]

Image credits: Photographs by Andrew McGibbon and used with permission

  • Spider- Man


  • Vlad

    The blue cast of the lighting is highly unflattering.

  • Jan

    The horses are a great capture, almost expressive, but the light…
    But maybe these are meant for a different audience than me who might just love this.

  • Albin Roussel

    it s very blue. 

  • Knur

    He should add more instagram filters.

  • Dan Howard

    ah, HDR, we meet again. since when did HDR replace a well thought out lighting scheme?

  • Ann Peek

    They’re beautiful, but somehow they look anorexic. 

  • WittWendy84

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  • Caitlyn Chapman

    As a horse lover, I don’t love these. Tim Flach did horses justice in his book about them

  • jkantor267

    Yeah – but can you do it an elephant?