Massive 1700mm Carl Zeiss Lens

If you thought Nikon’s 6mm Fisheye lens from a week ago was crazy, get a load of this Carl Zeiss telephoto lens announced at Photokina back in 2006. The made-to-order lens was called the Apo Sonnar T* 1700 mm F4, and that little nub at the end? That’s a Hasselblad 6×6 medium format camera.

The monster weighed in at 564lbs and had to use a special focusing method because of the sheer weight of each glass element. At the time this was the biggest non-military telephoto lens in existence, which begs the question: What does the biggest military zoom look like!?

For another look, check out this picture of the lens being showed off at Photokina.

(via DPreview)

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  • Broccolo

    comodo una sega!

  • ughridk

    The biggest telephotos in the world are, for sure, telescopes like Mt. Palomar.

  • HardyLenora37

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  • Zak Henry

    Something a little like this I imagine?

  • Traveller

     564 lbs!!!

  • Knur

     Perfect lens for my iPhone.

  • Steven

    I think it was made for some Sheikh to use for photographing his falcons.

  • Zak Henry

    It would probably have been cheaper to hire someone to train his falcons to come a little closer.


    Or, even cheaper –

  • Michael Godek

    why….just why, how is this in anyway even remotely practical…and by practical, i mean able to use AT ALL!

  • jamey kish
  • 9inchnail

    If I was a sheikh, I’d have one of these babies on every table on my daughter’s wedding for guests to snap pictures. They can keep the Hasselblads afterwards. A little gift among friends. I’d use falcons, wrapped in 100 dollar bills to light my cigar.  

  • DM

    I’ve used a 2000mm lens that Nikon produced, details are at

  • stanimir stoyanov

    Also useful to photographers working from home.

  • Micah