Glimpses of World War 2 Seen Through Photos of Modern Day Europe

After collecting old World War 2 photographs taken in major European cities, Russian photographer Sergey Larenkov spent a year traveling around Europe to re-photograph the same scenes as they look today. He then carefully combined the old images with the new ones to create photographs that show two views of the same location captured over 60 years apart.

You can find more of these amazing images over on Larenkov’s blog.

Link to the Past by Sergey Larenkov (via Photojojo)

Image credits: Photographs by Sergey Larenkov and used with permission

  • Brandon

    amazing. I’ve been wondering if something like this had been done since you first posted things like this a while back of more mundane surroundings and times. i’d seen the shots of the Eiffel tower with the nazi’s there weeks before i was actually there. While i was there i spent most of my time thinking how surreal it was to  stand in the same place under such different circumstances. 

  • Smashwell Raxy


  • Vincenzo Martorana

    I’ve been doing similar things with old postacards of my town

  •š/100000671794605 David Bareš

    Amazing, little creepy..

  • Robby Cornish

    very ghostly

  • Chris ‘Spuggy’ Yarrow

    Shooting the same here.

  • ZD

    This is amazing!

  • Ricky Nyhoff

    Seriously amazing idea. A few years back I took a photo at Napoleon’s tomb and compared it to when Hitler was there. It gets a few hundred hits a month. But, these are so much more impressive. The world should see these.

  • Aritheeagle

    Time has a uncanny way of marrying reality with reality.  This is so well done.  History must live to tell its story…..


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  • BS

    I love Larenkov’s work – such a great idea! He inspired me to do the same in my hometown Vienna, you can find the result on my photography blog: