Flickr Rolls Out New HTML5 Uploader and Size Limits in War Against Rising 500px

Since late last year the photo sharing site 500px — which even then was “growing like a weed” — has continued to expand, grow, add features, and otherwise challenge Flickr for online photography dominance. But Flickr hasn’t taken it lying down. In the past this involved a redesign to make the site more visually appealing and the addition of the Aviary photo editor. Now the improvements are beginning to improve functionality.

Most recently the sharing site has improved both its uploader and the maximum file size free and premium users are allowed to upload.

The uploader, which used to be flash-based, has moved to HTML5, making it both quicker and less CPU intensive while integrating drag and drop functionality at the same time. You can also rotate, tag, and reorder photos within the uploader itself; and the new system will pull metadata from programs like iPhoto automatically.

The maximum upload-able file size has also improved, increasing from 15MB to 30MB for free users and 20MB to 50MB for Pro subscribers; a welcome change as megapixel counts and, subsequently, file sizes continue to increase.

Many see the improvements as part of an obvious back-and-forth between 500px and Flickr that has been going on for several months now; but whatever the reason, better features and improved functionality seem to be the result. So you won’t hear us complaining.

(via Flickr via TechCrunch)

  • bayek

    That’s very nice but Flickr needs to do so much more. The UI has not changed for ages, I’ve been using Flickr for years and I am shocked by the fact that nothing new has happened since 2009, really.

  • Richard

    When you’re owned by Yahoo and fire all you’re great engineers and designers its no wonder flickr isn’t moving. It remains an excellent photo sharing and hosting site but man, does it need new energy and blood.

  • Ryan Troop

    I still love Flickr… Its nice to see it  get any attention.

  • Dennis Marciniak

    Too late – flickr has already become the cesspool of “5 STAR SUPER QUALITY BEST IMAGE CAPTURE EVER AWARD TOP 100 DAILY!!!!”

  • damien6

    Now they need to take a page from 500px copyright protection so anyone with half a brain can steal your photos.

  • damien6

    *can’t steal your photos.