Time-Lapse of a Girl from Birth to Age 12

After his daughter Lotte was born, Dutch photographer Frans Hofmeester began creating weekly videos of her to document her growth. Lotte recently turned 12, and Hofmeester decided to edit all the footage so far into this amazing time-lapse video showing twelve years of growing up in just under three minutes.

  • Michael

    Cute but I don’t why it makes me feel so old and realize that time just flies,,,

  • Michael

     ‘I don’t know why’

  • Corina Daniela Obertas

    Is just great!

  • Corry Davis

    “Yeah, I don’t know why too” :((

  • Junecz

    That’s a lot of talking! Adorable.

  • Paul

    she talks a lot! ;)

  • Joey Duncan

    pretty neat. 

  • Erinrhare

    That’s awesome! Who does the music? I love it

  • Ktmacb

    Such a beauty. Our little girl is two and a half years old, and this makes me want to hold on to her do tightly. They grow too fast. Your daughter really starts to look so much older around five, and the again at seven. Not a “little girl” from that point on. So sweet, and such a fun idea.

  • Anna Krb

    Absolutely beautiful!  I thought about this project the other night but with photographs.  My kids are 7,5,and 3.  Do you think it is too late to start?

  • DZ

    It’s never too late

  • Wallerus

    Crazy how quick they go from babies to little women.

  • Amyjleinen

    It made me cry at age 11, when suddenly, in a blink of an eye, she looked less like a little girl to me.  What a beautiful and yet poignant collage.

  • Jenn M

    Beautiful young lady!  I wish I had the foresight to do this for my boys!  My oldest just turned 13 and I would have loved to have this kind of memory of him!!

  • tightsandtea

    if she keeps it up, she’ll end up with a half-hour collage of a lifetime.

  • Julie Dinkins-Borkowski

    Some of the pictures seem to go backward.  Like her teeth were straightened by retainer, but at the end the teeth are pre-retainer and not consistent with the beginning.  Just one example I noticed.

  • Eeek

    this kid wont shut up

  • Dawn Mitchell Chace

    What a wonderful way to watch your child grow up =)

  • Babalina

    Love how her eyes stay the same! beautiful girl

  • Corinna

    wow, so great!  I think she was cutest at 2!

  • Dale

    Just beautiful.  It makes you realise what an amazing gift we are given as parents and how quickly it goes.  So enjoy every second.

  • Aaron Robles

    The best thing about this was the fact that she’s in actual footage, so instead of just shots of her face you get to see her smiling, talking and interacting. So in a way you really get a feel for her personality, how she interacts and how happy she is. Wonderful! 

  • cyberfilm


  • cj

    13 to age 20 or 21

  • Neal Johnson

    I’d be fascinated to see this video in reverse.

  • Madrid

    This made me cry.  Perhaps because my baby is 16 months old now, and about to be 17 months in days?  I’m inspired, I think I’ll do my own version now.  Thank you~

  • Mark Wheadon

    I’m a little disconcerted at how much this affected me — I guess it’s something to do with being Dad to a seven-year-old girl — wonderful.

  • Martin Hayhurst


  • Trululu

    cant wait for the 18 year old and sex tape. ( joking )

  • tc

    I saw that too. She seems to really enjoy these interactions with her father.

  • Jmarcelita85

    hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha nice joke!

  • Breakr235

    play it backwards to your own soundtrack?

  • Breakr235

    Yes, im curious too. Who does the music in this one?

  • disgusted guest

    such awful cynicism

  • Guestish

    How awesome would it be if she continued to do this until she died, then in like 80 years we could see her age over her entire life.

  • Natasha Gerson

    Brilliant. What it shows clearly is that children have their own personalities from the day they are born. The girl grows up, gets bigger and develops her character, but it’s there, in her eyes, from the very first shot. She remained very much the same person. Babies are not ‘blank slates’.

  • Dee

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  • Sophie

    She’s so so pretty. 

  • Bijan

    I have a 6 month old daughter. Brought a tear to my eye also, loved it.

  • Riffers21

    Perhaps she lost her baby teeth, and her adult teeth grew in?

  • Theresahron30

    I completely understand.  My little beauty is now 23 years old and I still see that little girl face in her!!!!!!!! 

  • Theresahron30

    Such a beautiful little girl………you can still see her baby face even when she becomes a little girl…….besides they’re always your babies right?

  • Jay

    There’s a great saying that goes something like “The best time to plant a tree was 100 years ago. The next-best time is now.”

  • Dori

    What a great idea – and a lovely little girl. I liked all it a lot.

  • Guest

    What a sweet video. She obviously has a great daddy! He painstakingly documented her in such a creative way. I love that she doesn’t stop talking- she clearly has a great friendship with her dad! Great job. Makes me want to go press “pause” on my 2.5 year old- these years are so special!

  • bellpepper089

    what an amazing idea.. im due with my first baby in august.. im so excited!!! i need to do this.. thanks for the inspiration!! 

  • jackdiamond21

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  • Selena_teresa

    This actually hurt my heart a little bit. The sudden jumps and changes. I don’t want it to happen. I keep begging my little girl not to grow up! I am now seeing her change in my mind and I am seeing her future self at 12 and it hurts me!
    This is beautiful btw, I love the different expressions 

  • Rsr2234

    I am due to have our first baby girl in just 4 days and this made me cry (thank you pregnancy hormones LOL!)…cherish every moment, everyone!! Time flies by too quickly.  Well done and what a beautiful, beautiful little girl.

  • ali khn

    nice but sad