Couple Pays £750 for “the Worst Wedding Photos Ever”

When Thomas and Anneka Geary paid professional — and we use the term lightly — photographers Ian McCloskey and Nikki Carter of Westgate Photography £750 to capture the happiest day of their lives, they were probably expecting something a little bit better than what turned out: blurry and poorly framed shots captured from terrible positions that are being called “the worst wedding pictures ever”. Not one of the photos showed the groom’s parents.

Westgate Photography (not this one) has since gone out of business and is selling its gear to pay for refunds. But it goes to show, sometimes you don’t even get what you pay for.

Are these the worst wedding pictures ever? (via Popular Photography)

Image credits: Photographs by Ian McCloskey and Nikki Carter of Westgate Photography

  • Andy J

    Based on the copyright logos on the photos I suspect it might be a setup by the photographers involved to make more money selling the rights to the images

  • mythbuster

    These photos are not credible and quality is far worst than a child or a beginner could do. Besides, most photographers only sell the best photographs they have taken. This is no doubt a set-up, a farce to publicize the other Westgate…

  • Blah

    Note, we are talking about someone who can’t even spell the word PROFESSIONALS. lmao!  which is prob why James’ head is so far up his own butt…..

  • 9inchnail

     Seriously, if I had taken those pictures, I would have told the couple, my memory card / hard drive died, no backups. Or something like that. Reimburse them, apologize, move on, become a singer. That seems to require equally small talent judging by the crap that’s on tv all the time.

  • Merv

    yeah, hence it’s the wrong one.  WHAT’S YOUR POINT?

  • ThermiteCrab

    I don’t know what the big deal is.  They look fine to me.

  • Dee

    like Sarah implied I’m dazzled that any body can profit $8746 in four weeks on the internet. did you read this site link!!!

  • Mauricio Alas

    Aside a bad eye, you can tell the guy was not using a flash and kept trying to make up for the crappy lighting by keeping the exposure long. Hence the ghosting. Definitely someone who did not know what they were doing.  

  • Ayam Dupe

    Like it was taken from my nokia 5800


  • As

    Not price related at all. It’s clear the couple chose these pros w/o ever looking at their work. Guess they were laughing at the great deal they got too all the way until their wedding day. When they got quotes from a pro saying £3000 for one pro they laughed and said they got TWO pros for £750!

  • Luis Cardona

    As in, you will recreate the wedding from top to bottom with look-a-like actors? I think that you need to re-think Free and think £14,000

  • Luis Cardona

    Free publicity! Plus they have the worst weddings pictures ever to pit against their professional work… not bad IMO

  • jackdiamond21

    what Eugene said I am alarmed that a student able to make $7663 in four weeks on the internet. have you seen this website…

  • Jcuknz

    When I shot weddings I was paid $0.5 up front to ensure I had the cash to pay for a taxi to get there :-)  and relied on sales for income.  Without any specific training I went to my first wedding and secured several rolls of sharp correctly framed shots … perhaps not as free and easy as todays photographers shoot their candids but at least the B&G  and family had a good record of the event.

    To shoot the casual shots peope seem to want today is fraught with hazards and potential for shots like posted above …I’m glad I gave it all away years ago.

  • Jcuknz

    They are terrible but then most of the shots people pay $5000 for are likewise judging from what I see displayed as their work by the photographers …. technically more competant for sure but not much better in other respects.

  • andersedin

    More interesting than most wedding photographs especially the disembodied had/toy motorbike shot.

  • andersedin

    typo hand not had!

  • KarynC

    you have to admit the shot of the fire extinguishers is quite lovely.

  • ProfessionalPhotographer

    Exactly! In the days of film it was impossible to take bad photographs like these.

  • Derek

    Research is KEY look at and see the 15 things you should check before booking a photographer.   The obviously had no Insurance to cover Professional Indemnity etc etc.

  • Al

    OMFG I laughed out loud so hard. Excellent, excellent.

  • Mcleod866

    Useable for what? Not to put in a photo album or on display somewhere. Print them on soft enough paper and you could turn them into useable toilet paper! It’s a shame some people still think that owning an expensive professional quality camera instantly turns you into a professional photographer. If anything, you have to be more careful, because there’s so much more that can go wrong when a professional camera falls into the hands of someone without a clue on what the knobs & dials do. Cooking in a commercial kitchen doesn’t make you a chef… 

  • Mcleod866

    The trouble is, “P” mode does NOT stand for “Professional”. It stands for “Program” and you need to set up your own program (usually your most frequently used shutter speed, aperture, ISO setting combination) in advance. A common mistake, and these are the results…

  • Tatjanna Miller

    Pretty sure copyright laws will work against you there, unless westgate gives you permission, I really hope they would, But free, that’s going to take a miracle a prayer and a whole new, not a good idea.

  • Tatjanna Miller

    750 pound translates to 1216.50, I can’t speak for the rest of the states, but that’s around the price of a very basic wedding package in really small towns around where I live. However, our closest metropolis is 286 miles away.

  • Nick

    “Westgate Photography (not this one) has since gone out of business and is selling its gear to pay for refunds.”
    Hopefully they had enough Rebels and kit lenses to sell to cover their losses.

  • Jack Holland

    Er.. I think Adam knows what P mode is. Sometimes irony doesn’t travel well.