Thoughts on What Professional Instagram Photography Will be Like

Comedian and musician Mike Falzone often records monologues on various subjects while going for walks. Here’s what he has to say about professional Instagram photography. Little does he know that one of his “farfetched” examples is very much a reality.

  • John Milleker

    Love it!

  • Mango

    Instragram is the future of photography.

    Only a sucker & a fool would pay money for SLR and expensive lens anymore.

  • Jonathan Nafarrete

    I’m a professional Instagram photograher and have seen other Instagram users get paid to shoot, so I guess we are there already…

  • npyskater

    Everything he pretty much explained exists. lol I’ve seen professionals at wedding, concerts and even callers for instagram.

  • Eli Snook

    Reality is you don’t have to just use the photos you take with your cell phone, many users upload the photos they take with their slr’s, transfer them to their cell phone and upload to instagram.  So it really is just another way to advertise your work, think of it as a mini portfolio that will probably reach a lot more people than say a traditional website or blog.  I myself don’t upload anything besides what I take on my iphone. 

  • Gary Orona

    Mike love the video. Lots of fun and cleaver. I’m a TV/Film Producer/Director/DP and many of us in my world feel exactly the same. I just watched a short film shot with a camera phone and sized down for the web it actually looked good. Ugggggg. Glad I sold my Arriflex BL4 a few years back… it would pretty much be a boat anchor at this point.

    Keep up the good work! Good Thoughts- Gary Orona

  • Dave

    Instagram is on the cutting edge of fauxtography.

  • Cochese

    There was a woman trying to get past the bouncer, at a concert I went to last week, claiming to be a band photographer from Chicago and she was waving an iPhone around.

    Because, you know, when you are a band photographer and you have to shoot a particular band, you never actually purchase a ticket to ensure you get to see the band. You just beg the bouncers to let you in.

  • Papalaz

    Haha it’s funny when people think they are a pro buy using an iPhone with auto settings.

  • Jared Monkman

    you’re joking?…

  • Nathannathannathannathan

    lol you’re ignorance would be hilarious if it weren’t so tragic..