How Not to Photograph a Baby

If you’re ever photographing a baby that’s sitting on anything above ground level, make sure you have a spotter near the baby at all times. This video shows why.

  • Pooonu

    That video doesn’t show anything, it’s private.

  • Simon Giroux

    private video

  • Michael Zhang

    Ah, we’ll see if there’s a mirror available

  • will hall

    video is private, sorry about that

  • Rebecca

    It probably went private because everyone was looking at it this morning commenting on how irresponsible the parents and the photographer are. Basically, the baby is sitting on the green box alone, tumbles off, and mom dives in grabbing the baby right before it hits the floor. SCARY.

  • Jackson Cheese

    Hey, don’t know if anybody has said this yet, but this is a private video.

  • David Poller

    Just based on the photos above, I didn’t want to watch a video, fearing it might show a baby falling.

  • Bas ter Beek

    Video is up as download now.

  • John Milleker

    Video works fine for me, not sure what’s scarier – the green screen set or the complete disregard for the infant’s safety.

  • Ninpou_kobanashi

    OMG!  Kid is like, can we do that again?  (^_^)

  • Michael

    I don’t get it, the entire background is just green and why risk the danger of falling.  It’s obvious the photographer doesn’t read otherwise he/she would used the wisdom of Chinese photoshopped wedding photos.

  • Ninpou_kobanashi

    I think that’s just a green screen.  I hope…

  • Amando Filipe

    Humpty Dumpty sat on a green box…

  • Paul Nicholson

    The real boneheaded part of this is: if they’re shooting on green for a later composite, why does the baby have to be on a box at all? Just shoot it sitting on the floor. No spotter is needed if the baby is at ground level.

    Just saw Michael said the same above. What he said


    Too bad the video doesn’t show what happened in slow motion

  • Chris Lyn

    I vote for the cheesy final photo.

  • Benicio Murray

    yet another example of pseudo-outrage for the masses to get worked up over

  • Gethin Coles

    “Too bad the video doesn’t show what happened in slow motion” :D
    Practising for entry to the Darwin awards (killing your children grants you entry)

  • Pooonu

    The pic at the end rocks! The baby almost got a broken skull all for a cheesy photo, way to go mom, the catch was pretty nice though.

  • Jamar Wynn

    Go mom Go! No really mom take your baby and go…
    One of those eggs, in the basket at the end, almost got cracked. Can YOU tell which one?

  • Robert Benson

    Uhmmm…I guess most of the readers lack common sense?  Yeah, don’t put a baby somewhere dangerous.  Also, don’t photograph a puppy inside an oven a 400 degrees!

  • Happy_Tinfoil_Cat

    They deleted all the comments and added a bunch of ads. It shows what character these people have.

  • Michael Zhang

    What comments and ads?

  • Happy_Tinfoil_Cat

     They added pop-unders and deleted the comments from the video.

  • Michael Zhang

    You mean the mirrored video at ImageShack?

  • Happy_Tinfoil_Cat

     Well, it’s back now, again.