Canon Puts 5D Mark III Shipments on Hold As It Investigates Light Leak Issue

Canon has begun informing retailers in the UK and Canada (and probably other regions as well) that shipments of the Canon 5D Mark III have been put on hold as the company investigates the “light leak” issue that has come to light over the past month. Widely discussed in the blogosphere and on forums, the issue — which some have dubbed “leakgate” — is now known to cause a 1/3 stop error in exposure in very specific situations (i.e. scenarios that will not affect the vast majority of photographers).

(via Canon Watch)

Image credit: Canon 5D Mark III 4 by unten44

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    I’m really surprised Peta Pixel isn’t reporting this Nikon service advisory: 

    It’s a bigger damning problem than the 5D MKIII’s light leak issue.

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    Maybe that’s because the advisory is 3 years old

  • Guest

    Or because it is not even manufactured any more.

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    I never bothered to return mine over 2 years ago and have since taken over 11000 shots with it, been all around Europe with it and never had a problem