How Carl Zeiss Lenses Are Stress Tested

Want to see how high end camera lenses are tested for durability? Here’s a video in which Carl Zeiss researcher Norbert Wittekindt shows off the various tests lenses are subjected to, ranging from temperature tests to mechanical vibrations.

(via Foto Actualidad)

  • Zta

    I don’t think the scientist is supposed to be wearing a ring on his finger when working with delicate glass…

  • Bob Honiker

    I have my own test method, I drench lenses in frog pee and bird snot!

  • Ndt

    There is something reassuring about knowing that top quality products like Zeiss lenses are worked on extensively by very skilled engineers working at very small tolerances. When you use one, you can sense all the work that has gone into the manufacture. This is in direct contrast to cheap mass produced products which are at best adequate. That is why it is disappointing when all some people look at is the price.

  • hamish NIVEN Photo

    at the end of the day, most uf us only have so many $$’s, so that is where we shop from

  • ushka photography

    Zeiss glass is built like a tank. I dropped a 35 mm lens with the camera attached to it on the ground, fell out of the car , and aside from a slightly dented hood it was all good. 

  • Erik

    Looks like it’s not so delecate