Vintage Cameras Upcycled Into iPhone Charging Docks

Etsy seller Roberto Altieri creates unique iPhone/iPod charging docks out of old — and hopefully defunct — Pentax and Minolta SLR cameras from the 1960s and 1970s.

You can buy one for $39-$49 over on Etsy.

Laboratorio Altieri on Etsy (via Gizmodo)

  • nerwin

    It doesn’t have a backrest for the phone, can’t be good for the dock port to have all that pressure.  

  • John

    That’s dumb.

  • James Davidson
  • -MARS- Photography

     all that pressure? it weighs 3 ounces… but I digress its an Iphone, you will need an excuse to get the Iphone 5 in May, and Insurance covers a replacement for a phone that doesn’t charge…  so MAYBE that pressure will require 2 years to damage the connector… which is perfect… unless you just got the 4s… Suckers.

  • Trausti Hraunfjord

    Just because it CAN be done, should absolutely not be the reason for it getting done.

  • James

    waste of a good spotmatic. 


    this makes me sad, why not use your time to fix it and then use it! That spotmatic looks in nice condition!

  • Wmtwoe

    So effin WRONG!!!!

  • Ashamed

    Upcycling is where you take something used and make something even better.
    Not where you take something and make it into an insult to the amazing photographs that were created using it.

    Just saying.

  • Lee Harris

    Just wrong, wrong, wrong

  • hjir

    you cnnot ruin a spotmatic so badly, that it could not be repaired. this is not ucycling, this is downcycling

  • Medex2000

    As a fellow Etsy shop seller with over 800 feedback I was interested to know how well these sell . . . .  well ONE sale is a start  . . . . but no stock in the shop . . . . someone obviously knows how to promote a buisiness before it has even got off the ground . . . . make some stock . . . take some good photographs to show off your designs and dress your shopfront . . . . then start to promote it to prospective buyers . . . . best of luck with this one . . . . .

  • Spider- Man


  • Regor

    Neat idea (for cameras beyond repair) but I would never put my device on that, there is no back support.  I’ve had more than one device have its connection ruined doing something like this.

  • Flgraphics

    that looks dumb

  • yod4

    I agree, this is stupid! Not to say disrespectful 

  • almico

    AT&T gave me an upgrade from the 3gs, to the 4 and then the 4s as soon as they all came out without having to wait 2 years. Who’s the sucker now? 

  • malixe


  • James Davidson

     I try :)

  • Mcha0017

    There will be more pressure if you touch it while it’s on the dock… that may be what nerwin means. I agree, the 3 oz. would be fine.