The Beauty of Ballet Captured at 1000FPS

Here’s a stunning super slow motion video that shows Marina Kanno and Giacomo Bevilaqua of Staatsballett Berlin performing several jumps. The footage was captured at 1000 frames per second.

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  • Erik Lauri Kulo

    Could they possibly have ruined it more with another song?

  • Mirek Krejci

    this music is ridiculous.. could they be MORE tasteless.. my god… cant watch it.. its ballet for god sake, not X-Pat beach party

  • Eva

    i like the music. it’s a nice contrast and otherwise i don’t know if i would watch it till the end, in such slow motion, because i’m short of patience. the rhythm keeps me tuned

  • Silje Andersen

    I agree, Eva :)

  • Bobandjackie

    Beautiful! The music was okay, but I would have preferred classical. The dancers were fabulous, music or not :)

  • elektrojan

    due to the rights management we could not see anything in germany. no music, no dancing…. pity